Let's talk about workflows!

What kinds of things do you feel like you would need a workflow for? Like a step-by-step list that’s handy, so you say “Oh! I need to do that more regularly” and save it for when you sit down to work on it?

Examples of feedback I've gotten, so far:

  • Repurposing content is my biggest nightmare…that would be a VERY helpful post. Also, consistently sending newsletters—any tips for that?
  • Organizing business accounts and creating a strong start to my business day.
  • Also content repurposing for absolute dumb dumbs
  • leads!
  • consistently sending newsletters—any tips for that?
  • How about automating email subscriber content (from the point of signup)?

Your turn! Hit the button to send me your suggestion!

(and bookmark this page for later... I'll be putting workflow-related content on it!)

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