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July 1, 2019

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Welcome to episode 2 of The Self-Employed Nerd with Rochelle Sanchez! This is a sneak peak training into what it’s like to get 1:1 mentorship and coaching with me, personally, via my group program, The Real Deal Business Academy.

Stuck in a soul sucking job?

Want to have deeper conversations?

Noticing that no one’s really talking about what really matters in life, and we’re all drowning ourselves or numbing with wine and booze?

I’m all for having a good time, but honestly, if you want deeper relationships and you’d like to meet thoughtful, compassionate, caring people, you’ve gotta join us in self-employed land.

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Hey there! Welcome back to the Self Employed Nerd. My name is Rochelle Sanchez and if you’re brand new to starting your own business and you’re here to see what it’s all about and why making your own money without a soul sucking job is all the rage these days, you’re in the right place!


Actually, if you consider yourself a newbie then you’re going to like this episode because it’s a sneak peak into the kind of deep things you’ll see are very common and openly discussed in the entrepreneurship world. You know how when you go to work and you’re not really into it because everyone’s being really superficial or negative? Or how about when you go to family gatherings or holiday parties and everyone just gets drunk to avoid having deeper conversations. Yeah. I mean, I’m not against having a good time and all, but sometimes you can look around and see that people are using the vino to escape something. And maybe you’ve spent some time on your own, dreaming big, and wondering if there’s anyone else in the world who gets lost in deep thought and strong desire to serve the way you do.


Well, here you are! You’ll be amazed at how deep and gracious compassionate many self-employed people are, because I gotta tell you — this stuff is HARD. But It’s no harder than going through the rest of your life only half living, having superficial conversations, and never pursuing that inner calling you know that you have.


So! If you’re in.


This is actually a training I put together and typically charge for, for my mentorship program, The Real Deal Business Academy. And by the way, if you’re looking for some help in your solopreneur adventures and you’re interested in being coached by me and having someone to help you untangle some of the very messy = stuff behind the scenes in your business, please join us! It’s be application only and a chance to have 1:1 time with me and unlimited questions and answers and geeking out in general. You’ll see the links in the show notes.


Just a heads up that in this episode, I do mention an additional training in there, and instead of editing it out I decided to give you access to it for free over at RochelleSanchez.com/bestievault and it will also be available in the Facebook Group.


Tag me! @rochellesanch in your “When it comes down to it, this is why I do what I do”social media post. I’ll share it for ya and get some more eyeballs on your business. And don’t worry, that’ll make more sense after you’ve listened to, and applied what you learn in this episode.


Okay, here ya go!


Hey guys! So the theme that we’re working with is long term planning. And I know that we don’t talk about this too much, because I feel like there’s a lot out there about like setting your dreams and having your goals out there and up leveling yourself. And it’s all really important. But I, personally, my own teaching style is more like the nitty gritty stuff like, “Okay, that’s good. You have your plan for five years, what does that mean for the next 12 months? What does that mean for the next quarter? What does that mean, for this week, and the next two hours that you have to actually work on something?” You know? in order to make a difference. 


And so I am personally going through this, it’s kind of like I’m sharing with you as I go. And as I learn even more about myself through the building of a business that’s actually making money, and recovering a whole lot faster than I was expecting. 



It’s just been kind of a whirlwind of things that are happening. And I’m finding myself having to calm down, like, not calm down. It’s not like I’m panicking or anything, but I’m finding that I need to remind myself, you know, this is happening, you’re good at what you do. It’s happening, because you’re doing all the right things, it’s happening for you, that kind of thing. And so in terms of long term planning, it’s really nice. I can tell you right now, because it’s, it’s nice to have the,


like, the product that I’m creating, whether it’s like, you know, more services, or more clients, or just having money to pay for new tires for my car, things like that. It’s nice, because it it actually is paying off. And it’s actually aligning to what I had planned for myself. And, yeah, that entire experience is actually kind of new for me, because I think I’m a little bit of a skeptic still, you know. And so yeah, long term planning is really important, especially if you find yourself kind of just going with the flow, seeing what comes up, I’m finding that going with the flow, and just seeing what comes up does not mean the same thing is like intending for something and manifesting it. And so let’s talk about that. So last time, in the first part of this training, it was all about, you know, I’ll show you, I’ll show you the post, long term planning, and just kind of getting a grip on where you your where your businesses right now,


and where you want it to go. And sometimes that in itself can be kind of a scary experience, because it’s easier to just think, in a very safe spot and just be like, “Wouldn’t it be nice.”  And then kind of like, just let it live in, “Wouldn’t it be nice” land.


And so in the last video, I encouraged you to think about “my business right now. And then,  “My business eventually.” Like, eventually, what would you like it to be, a lot of us are doing tasks right now that we don’t really want to do long term, me included, you probably have some kind of vision for yourself and how you would prefer that your life be and that like, it’s kind of like that five off place, when you’ll be a success, and things will come together. But in the meantime, you’re doing this to kind of like pay the bills. And so, you know, that’s, that’s an important process to go through. And so just comparing where you are right now, and the actions that you’re taking every week, in your business, and seeing how you feel about it lining up toward that, you know, further goal. 


And it’s, it’s interesting, because with my recovery from depression, I have learned and like I wrote a ton of content last last week, it was like, coming on, like 4000 words or something, with exactly why I’m still in this. 


Because honestly, like, who would who would stay in this whole, like entrepreneurship world and keep building a business, when you can literally just kind of sit back, do an easy job, do an easy day job, get a different job, if you don’t like the one you have. And just you know, like live your life, kind of like how you are already, you know? 


I was talking to somebody about like, Why the heck, I want to still keep doing this. Because it’s it’s terrible. Like the the the name of the blog post tentatively is, “Why business building a business is bullshit, but you should do it anyway.” 


And it’s basically everything that I have learned and all the like, “Benefits” of starting a business, even though we all know that, like, people don’t want to start a business and they don’t want to work for themselves, because you don’t get the benefits of a job, meaning health insurance, for most of us anyway. Health insurance and retirement. 


And so I’m writing this epic blog post, I don’t know if I’m going to post it in its entirety, or if I’m just gonna, like chunk it out by subject or whatever. But it’s like a whole lot of things. 


And my friend asked me in a nutshell, why is it that you are still doing this? Like, can you can you summarize the giant, ginormous blog post? 


And I, I had to think for a second. I was like, in a nutshell, how would I describe it? And the answer for me was that I don’t know of anything. I don’t know that there’s anything else in the world that you can do. That provides the same kind of personal transformation that starting a business does, it really makes you vulnerable, it makes you take ownership of yourself. And basically, like blame yourself for any going well. That’s a very negative way to say it. But it’s, it’s like taking complete responsibility. 


And as I was describing it to her, I was saying, like, I have never like gone through this kind of emotional transformation that you know, digging deep. I’ve never worked this hard. I’ve never wanted something so badly. I’ve never heard this much. The depression, I keep saying was worse than when my mom died when I was 13. Like this was worse because it was me. It was all me, right? It’s easy to say someone died. And that’s why you’re sad. But it’s not easy to say you have a good life. And a few things went wrong. But why do you hate yourself? 


And kind of like, digging into that stuff, I didn’t actually hate myself, but you know what I mean. And so I was trying to summarize it. And I said, You know, I think that everyone should at least try it. Because there’s nothing that really puts you out there and get makes you get super honest with yourself. Quiet, like putting your own money on your trust in yourself, basically. 


And while I was explaining to her, I was like, Well, technically, like, I don’t have children. And I know that people use this experience as like, being a mother, being a mother is like the ultimate, you know, sacrifice and the ultimate like human

accomplishment or something like that. 


And I’m like, well, I’ll never actually be able to say that this is more than that. But I kind of feel like it is I feel like, if you have children, and you have a family, and I feel this with like my brother and stuff, you know, I’m still a caretaker for someone. But I feel like if you are starting something for yourself, because it’s meaningful to you, because you have people you can because you want to make a difference in the world. And you sprinkle in the fact that you have to spend money to do it. And you have to be honest with other people, and you have to be vulnerable. And you have to face your fears of showing up online. And you have to face your fears of like speaking to people on networking and getting yourself out there. You know, I think that it’s like ultimate self ownership. And that’s why I recommend it because nothing in the world will get you to face what you really are, what kind of person you really are until you start to make it real and build something.


And so that was kind of the overall gist of why I think that this isn’t so important and why I think that everybody should start a business. Or at least you try and you figure out that maybe you’re not a big visionary kind of person, like the super entrepreneur personality, then at least at the very least, I think everyone should work for an entrepreneur, because we I understand this transformation, we understand what’s going on behind the scenes. And it’s like a little bit of everything. And so, obviously, you’re passionate about this, and I’m kind of letting it go, you know, letting it breathe into all the content that I’m creating. But yeah, it comes down to why


(audio cuts out)


And it’s it never ends, like that’s the answer that we get is that it, whatever you’ve gone through, you’re going to have more of it. And it’s going to get better. But then you’re also going to get like the the low points of it. And it’s just like, we’re insane. Why do we do this to ourselves, but it’s worth it in some way. Right?


 So what I recommend, if you’re still kind of at this point where you’re you don’t quite have your long term planning down, maybe you’re like a little afraid to set those goals, because you’ve had goals that you tried to set in the past and they just never worked out. It might be worth it to dig down into your values again. And we have a training in the Kajabi training library. That is all about values. 


You’ll see that there is something called values based marketing. And that is a two part marketing to kind of like get a grip on why it is that you do what you do. Because those are really important! Those are far more important than like branding and logos and everything like that. And those will sustain you for the long haul. So I recommend that you go through that.


But really.


My biggest call to action for you for this part: What does it actually mean to you to be self employed? You know, what does this mean for you, as a person, as a professional, as a parent, as a sibling? You know, what does it mean for you to keep doing. To  be this kind of person who has a business? 



Who does all this crap, that sometimes doesn’t even feel like it’s worth it, but it actually is worth it? Why is it worth it to you, and to actually get that written down in words.


And to share it with someone, because this is something that everyone resonate with, whether they’re starting, you know, like, not everybody is a business to business model. You don’t have to be B2B for this to resonate. 


But like, people need to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. 


People need to know why you are making this kind of craft and selling it on Etsy, you know, relentlessly. 


They need to know why you offer these types of coaching services and why you haven’t given up and why you haven’t changed your offers and why you haven’t gotten a job and just like disappeared.


They need to know  you’re here, because obviously, it’s important. And if you’re sticking around, they need to know why they should stick around too, even if they’re not ready to hire you. 


Even if they’re not ready to expand their team and hire you as a service provider. Whatever it is that your offer is, people need to know why you do it and they need to know why you’re here for the long haul. Because that’s really what we’re looking for. Right? 


We’re looking for security, we’re looking for stability. And we find that in people who are very grounded in what their beliefs were vocal about it. And we we tend to resonate would people who know what they’re all about. And so your homework for this lesson is to declare it in a social media post.



It might not feel like marketing, but this is going to be marketing, you know, this will help you get your message out there and just say you want to title it, when it comes down to it. This is why I do what I do. And if you want to fill in those blanks with what you actually do like it when it comes down to it, this is why I’m a coach, when it comes down to it. This is why I’m a consultant and why I feel so passionately about helping other people that ended up right when it comes down to it.



This is why I do what I do, and share it openly. Share it in a social media posts, share it on your personal feed, if you want to if you your personal Facebook page, so that your friends know why you do what you do. And just see what happens. Because I promise you that people are curious about this, right? We’ve all seen somebody who’s like super successful. We’ve all seen somebody who has like failed miserably, and they’re still doing what they’re doing. We have that like that sense of curiosity about why why bother? Why did you choose that path. And it’s important to share that with your followers. And I promise this is going to connect with them way more than backing out content, and thinking of all the like how tos. 


Because that’s what we tend to do, right? We love to teach we love to like inspire people. And so we’re always thinking of like hacks and tips and, and like instructional things. But like, that’s good for SEO purposes, for searching for sharing, I think because I don’t… it depends. But I feel like people are probably more likely to share something that’s like a doing thing, because that’s very superficial. It’s not that deep, it’s like, it’s kind of like your your take on doing exactly what everyone else is doing. 



But the reason that you do, why what you do and why you’re still doing it, that’s going to be incredibly unique. And that’s going to be very personal. And people are going to resonate with that. So that’s your homework for today. Write a social media post, like a public one, okay, a public one. It can be an email too, or a blog pos,t or something like that. But you actually have to share it with people don’t just write it on your blog, and then like, say, “Well, I don’t have a lot of traffic. So not a lot of people saw it.” 

Like if you write a blog post, then you’re going to have to write, you know, I don’t know, three social media posts to say, “When it comes down to this is what I do,”  give a little snippet and then point them towards the blog, put it on social media. But why you do what you do somewhere publicly so that people can respond, and they can see how much you’re basically just like them.


All right! You’ve got this. Go do your homework assignment and make sure you tag me, again, my instagram handle (actually my handle pretty much everywhere) is @rochellesanch.  I want to see a public post of “When it comes down to it, this is why you do what you do.”


Also, if you’re still listening, you’re still here at the end of this episode then that means you must be a fan of the show, so far! I’d like to invite you to my super special secret group just for SElf Employed Nerd listeners! If you want an invitation, check out the links in the show notes and I’ll send you an invite to join us. I’ll have extra trainings, livestreams, and office hours in there if there’s a particular part of an episode you were like, “Wait, spell that out in Laymans terms, Rochelle because I’m like HUH?” If you want to join us, go to the link in the shownotes and I’ll see you in the group!


See you next time! Bye for now!


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