Day 5: WHEN (con't)

Today’s your day to catch up on yesterday’s task. Post your offer in the group if you haven’t already.

And when you’re ready -- post it in PUBLIC. In other groups that allow promotions today. On your Facebook profile. On your Business Page. On Instagram. EVERYWHERE.

Somewhere other than my Facebook group, okay? 

Check in today and share your links to your promo posts, and we’ll go through and like and comment on them!

Fun Fact: The more likes and comments you get on your online content, the more Facebook thinks your content is worth sharing. It will boost your organic reach. So… post! Share! Comment! Let’s help each other get the traction we all need!

And congratulations… you've ALMOST made it through the challenge!!

Day 5 Assignment

Post your assignment in the Facebook Group using the hashtag #WhatHowWhen! Remember, you have a chance to win a prize if you submit ALL assignments in this challenge!

Use today to catch up on any assignments you haven't completed. Don't forget the hashtags!

POST your promo somewhere PUBLICLY. Do it! Don't over think it!