Day 4: WHEN

So… here it is.

You’ve got an idea.

You’ve outlined it (even if somewhat vaguely).

You talked to a real human about it.

You went back and used THEIR words and phrases to tighten up your offer.

If you’re still stuck and not hearing back from ANYONE (by the way, you have lame FB friends if that’s the case… just sayin’) then try this --

Now… you’re gonna try to sell it. (Not to that person you promised you weren’t going to sell to, though!)

So what do you need to sell it?

A nice photo of YOU smiling.

A price tag.

And a paypal link.


Please, lord, let all people who are selling on the internet STOP using sexy, smoldering selfies as their promotion picture!!

Find a photo of yourself where you’re genuinely smiling. The kind of smile that wouldn’t be weird if it was accidentally sent to the stinky lurker guy in the corner of Starbucks who always has his computer faced toward the wall (gee what are you using the free Starbucks internet for, buddy?). I always do a #facepalm when I see perfectly talented ladies choosing the poorly lit, sexy innocent “maybe naked because my shoulders are bare but you’ll never know” selfie as their promotion image. Don’t do that.

Instead -- choose a photo that’s you, smiling confidently, with good posture, in natural light. No Diva Ring Light lighting. Actual outdoor lighting. During daytime. Prove to me with your smile that you genuinely enjoy this thing you enjoy doing.


What should you charge? Whatever you want. Go with the first number that pops into your head, before all the comparisonitis and self doubt creeps in about whether or not you’re qualified or how you compare to others that are more expensive or cheaper or fatter or richer or closer to the equator than you are.

It doesn’t matter.

You’re offering to help with a struggle that REAL people have, that you would LOVE to solve for them. You set your own price.


If you don’t yet know how to set up your Paypal link to get paid for this offer, check out this tutorial:

Day 4 Assignment

Post your assignment in the Facebook Group using the hashtag #WhatHowWhen! Remember, you have a chance to win a prize if you submit ALL assignments in this challenge!

Put it all together and POST your offer  in the group! Don't forget the hashtag!