Day 3: HOW

Today you should be getting some answers from your people. Remember the goal is hearing back from TWO people, so they can tell you what they’re struggling with, related to your zone of genius, in their own words.

If you’re still stuck and not hearing back from ANYONE (by the way, you have lame FB friends if that’s the case… just sayin’) then try this --

​Here's how:

Make a new post in the group and say “I have contacted ____ people but only have 1 response! My expertise is ______ and I’m creating a {book/program/offer} around ______. Comment below if you’d like me to PM you with my question!”

Then take the conversation to private message. Don’t go back and forth here, because other people will pipe in and change the direction of the conversation, and you want honest answers that aren’t influenced by other people’s opinions.

Day 3 Assignment

Post your assignment in the Facebook Group using the hashtag #WhatHowWhen! Remember, you have a chance to win a prize if you submit ALL assignments in this challenge!

Give us an update! What have you learned so far? How are you feeling with this challenge?