Day 2: HOW

Today we’re going to validate your idea. You know that big ol’ outline that you wrote yesterday? Today you’re gonna tell someone about it.

Like, a real human being.

​For real.

​This is the process I use when I’m validating ideas just to make sure I’m on the mark and offering something that will really be useful.

​As you know -- the online world is littered with ALL OF THE THINGS and it’s hard to make out what really came from you, what came from your ideal client, and what someone’s just trying to sell you.

​So -- let’s validate your idea with the ONE person who can truly validated it: Your Ideal Client.

Two of them, to be exact.​

​Before you get all wimpy on me and say you don’t know ANYONE or ANYTHING and you’re so new and you just gave birth to sextuplets yesterday and blah-blah-blah … let me tell you this: There’s a reason why you’re here, taking this workshop. You felt a call. You answered. You stepped forward. Maybe you’re even ready to kick some ass.

So let’s do that, okay?​

My guess is that of the 1 Billion people using Facebook, you’ve probably seen a couple in your groups, in your feed, and in group chats who could REALLY use your help. Imagine all the posts you’ve read with slimey sales tactics and skeezy CTAs.​

At least once, you’ve probably thought, “Ugh, she’s leading you on. Don’t work with her. Don’t!” but you knew that person was eating up that crap like all-you-can-eat frozen yogurt.​

Think of someone you’d like to work with. Someone you wish would ask for YOUR advice. You’re going to PM them, and NOT be slimey. Here’s how:

​Here's how:

Pick a person that you genuinely like and trust. Do whatever ritual you have to do to get your mojo up. (Dancing, sleeping, working out, whatever)

PM them and get the conversation going. Try this: “Hey! How’s ____ (say something related to how you two know each other, or pick up the last conversation. Don’t drag it on or feel weird, just say anything)?”​

After they respond (they’ll likely ask what YOU’RE up to, in response), say something like this, in your own voice:​

“I’m working on something for my business, and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on it? I promise I’m not going to pitch you or sell you anything, I just wanted to get some real input from a real person since I’ve been staring at this for so long.”​

(They’ll say yes)​

Then here’s the kicker: Use the VOICE RECORDER option in Facebook Messenger to tell them what you’re working on. People are more honest and genuine when they have to describe something with spoken word. 

Tell them briefly about your project -- BRIEF being the key word, here.​

If it’s a group coaching program, then say “I’m working on a group coaching program that will focus on ____. I was thinking of a few ideas, but I thought I’d reach out and I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on what your biggest struggles are when it comes to _____.”​

Keep your recording under two minutes. For real. Nobody has time to listen to a speech, and they’re doing you a favor by listening. If they don’t respond within a couple of hours, ask someone else. This should NOT take weeks to do. It should take hours or less. If everyone you talk to ignores you, that means you are not as close to these people as you think, or you (unintentionally) phrased your “ask” in a way that they were like “Uhhh, personal much? No thanks, Mute Conversation.” (in other words, you may have creeped them out)​

They’ll get back to you with their answer -- preferably using the voice recorder as well, but if they write back, that’s okay (some people like typing more than talking, ironically!).​

Take MAD notes. Write down, word for word, what they say. Notice what phrases they use, and which ones they DON’T use.​

Answer their questions if they asked any, and follow-up with your own questions if anything is unclear or vague.

Aim for “hearing back” from two people.

​And remember to THANK your friends for their feedback!

Day 2 Assignment

Post your assignment in the Facebook Group using the hashtag #WhatHowWhen! Remember, you have a chance to win a prize if you submit ALL assignments in this challenge!

Write out your offer/service/gift in outline form:

1) Complete the activity described above. 

2) Add your notes to your assignment from yesterday and compare. Do your skills match up with what they said they need? Are you able and willing to provide the support that would help them the most?

3) Post your findings and what you learned in the group!