Day 1: WHAT

Today I’d like you to embrace the concept of the SHITTY FIRST DRAFT. The concept is exactly what it sounds like -- where you get your first draft together, no matter how dumb or confusing or weird or terrible it sounds or feels to you. The point is to GET. IT. OUT.

​It could be awful and totally useless. Or it could be pure gold and express exactly what you have in your heart, minus the second-guessing and self doubt.

​Today you’re going to put your passion project into WORDS. Real, human words. No more mumbling over “someday maybe I’d like to, hopefully, well …” and then changing the subject in embarrassment (or worse, with a heavy sigh).

​Out with it!

​Answer the following questions as honestly as you can, without holding back. I recommend writing by hand or recording yourself speaking your answers out loud.

What would be REALLY exciting for you? What are you REALLY good at, that comes so naturally to you that it’s kind of ridiculous?

Why would I hire YOU to do that thing, instead of my cousin’s dog-sitter’s auntie who tried it once 13 years ago, and could probably do it for me for free?

What kind of people do you want to give this service/product/gift to? What kind of people would you rather send into orbit than work with?

Note: This should NOT take you long to do. This does NOT require 3 drafts and some proof reading and simmering/digesting. It’s what you already know, even if you’ve never put it into words before.​

Day 1 Assignment

Post your assignment in the Facebook Group using the hashtag #WhatHowWhen! Remember, you have a chance to win a prize if you submit ALL assignments in this challenge!

Write out your offer/service/gift in outline form:

1) I’m extremely gifted when it comes to ______.

2) What experience do you have with solving this problem for yourself (or for other clients): These are WINS that previous clients (paid or unpaid) have gotten from working with me: _______________.

3) What are the emotional benefits that they get from you, when they buy from you? After working with me, my client said she felt _______________.

4) How will you deliver it? (eBook? Audio? Skype calls? In-person meeting?) My favorite way of expressing myself is through __________________ (spoken word / written word/ live video coaching), and that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

5) Post your findings and outline in the group!

Tip: Please don’t overcomplicate this. Before you say you can’t launch your eBook without comparing and contrasting the top 7 platforms and interviewing 85 professional graphic designers to find someone who can bring your human feminine essence to life -- remember that people are forgiving. People who can benefit from your brilliance. If this is your first offer, they’ll know, and that’s perfectly okay. Selling eBooks is as simple as receiving money and then emailing a PDF to them as an attachment. That’s all. This may be one of your first offers ever, and it definitely won’t be the last! Give yourself some slack. :)