Expectations & Considerations

Hi there! Before we start the process of seeing if we're a good fit for one another, I thought it might be helpful to give you a heads up on the stuff I send to pretty much everyone who requests to work with me.


OPTION 1: Virtual Assistant (Tasks only)

My VA rate is $120/hr. That’s for task-only, “Here’s the SOP and just follow this process, and do these same tasks every week until you’re told otherwise.” 

What’s important to note about hiring a VA is that you have to already have those processes in place: documented, recorded via video, and an ongoing allotted budget so that your VA (whether it’s me or someone else) can help you at least for the next 3 months, minimum.

You’re ready to hire me as your VA if you have the following:

  1. A URL you can share with me, that outlines the process in written and/or video format of what you’d like me to do on an ongoing basis for at least 3 months.
  2. A budget of at least $1200 USD per month (for 10 monthly retainer hours) for at least the next 3 months while we both grow accustomed to the new professional relationship and weekly routines. 

If you don’t have an ongoing budget or an SOP already prepared, you can hire me as your Project Manager to put it together AND implement for you!


OPTION 2: Project Management (Design + VA tasks)

Project management (PM) and system designs are estimated on a project basis based on the number of hours it will take me to create the SOPs and get the systems put together for you. I create these estimates based on a PM Rate of $250/hr. Your first project total will be in the $3,000 – $8,000 range (with a bi-weekly or monthly payment plan to split it up, if needed)

If that price bracket makes you squirm, there are lots of options out there! While you may not be able to work with me, you can always find someone on Upwork to take care of a small, $100-200 task for you.

If you have no idea how to find someone (or even what work you'd give them) then I suggest getting coached by me along with other budding entrepreneurs.

If we work together, we’ll take the first month to plan, design, and implement your project over the first four weeks, then I will implement and “play VA” for you for a period following the initial setup phase to make sure everything’s running smoothly before you start onboarding a team. If you decide I'm the VA you want to work with, we can set up a month-to-month retainer VA contract ($500/month) after our first project is complete.

I invoice according to a schedule that works for you (monthly or bi-weekly, usually). You can break up your project estimate into as many payments as you’d like (within reason).




Important Update as of June 2020: A code of ethics that honors diversity, equity, and inclusion. In light of the recent revelation of systemic racism in the entrepreneur and coaching industries, I require that all clients who hire me (aka seek to benefit from my copywriting, graphic design, coaching, mentorship, teaching, etc.) abide by a basic code of ethics that can be found here. If you disagree with this, we may discuss it during a paid consultation prior to entering a contract, or you can submit a written letter by a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) expert showing the code of ethics you will be honoring for your business, instead. I take this stuff seriously, and I hope that you do, too. If neither of those options work for you, then we're probably not a good fit!

We will have mutually beneficial deliverables set on a weekly basis. For most business owners, this looks like “Every Tuesday evening at X o'clock we will meet and discuss the workload for the following two weeks. A written work order or SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) will be followed and I will complete the tasks you assign me by a given day of the week.

Online Communication: I will do my best to respond within 24 hours. We will communicate via the designated communication portal of your choice. It can be via Asana, Trello, Redbooth, Clickup, Slack, Voxer, or any other platform you prefer. No one likes to be stuck in their email inbox or logged into social media all day, so this is good for all of us! Once the communication platform is agreed upon, please stay committed to it so we can keep your projects organized and monitored.

I will care about you as a person, and we’ll be human with each other. I'm a people person (and what I call very “feelings-y,” versus strictly numbers and data based) so I use my intuition, faith, and genuine love of humans to make decisions, sometimes. While it may not be part of my official job description as part of your team, I will attempt to be your friend. Of course, I won't pry or get too personal and I will honor your space, but I believe a good partnership like ours should be based on mutual trust and a safe relationship where we can be vulnerable and honest with each other. I hope you feel the same!



I like to be as transparent as possible, so please consider the following as you decide whether I'm a good fit for your team:

  • Weekly calls count toward the work hours in our agreement. If you decide to have weekly video calls with me to discuss current project details and tasks, the amount of time spent on the call is counted toward the service hours in your agreement. (In other words, I do run the clock at the start of our call time until we're finished). If you feel like you need to increase the number of weekly hours to accommodate this, no problem!
  • Work hours don’t roll over. For example, if you have hired me for 4 hours per week but the work you’ve given me only takes about 2 hours (and I don’t hear back from you on the next task you want me to take care of), the next week you still only have me for 4 hours. I’m pretty efficient and always deliver my work on time (and if not, I communicate this clearly and will always let you know). This is considered a weekly retainer and it’s good for both of us as we design a system that works for you and creates the momentum you want as you scale your business. A monthly retainer works the same way.
  • No one likes to be overloaded with work and expectations, and this agreement is no exception. To honor the commitment I have made to all of my clients, I keep a regular work schedule and task list so that your weekly deliverables are always covered and you get the work you requested on time. I know running a business is sometimes unpredictable, but you brought me on board to calm the chaos and make things a little bit more manageable. You and I will both agree to do our best to stick to the weekly workload and our fulfill our individual responsibilities to the workflow and adjust as we go.
  • Your weekly deliverables will be honored even though I'm working a part-time day job. I currently work a part-time day job (like everyone who has a business, yup!). That may affect you in that I won't be available all the time, but I promise to always deliver on our weekly deliverables by the deadlines that will be mutually agreed upon.
  • No-work Weekends. I take weekends off for self care, family time, and re-charging, and don't check my email or notifications. I strongly suggest you do the same, if you can! Of course, if there are special circumstances or events where you need my help, we can work something out in advance if you need my assistance on a Saturday or Sunday. Weekend hours will count toward your weekly hour allotment, so we’ll have to plan in advance.
  • No emergency services. All services included in our agreement are not to be considered “emergency services.” While I'm tech savvy, I'm not a programmer or coder. That means if something breaks, I can't guarantee I will know how to fix it (or be available to respond immediately), but I will help where I can, whether that is hunting down someone with appropriate tech skills or getting into help desks and troubleshooting the problem myself.


Last Updated: January 2021