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September 12, 2019

For those of you looking for clarity, strategy, and a strong sense of direction as far as your business goes:

I don’t know about you, but do any of these sound familiar?

You’ve been trying to grow your business long enough to know that nothing really comes together and POOF-all-your-problems-are-solved-forever in 3 days if you participate in a challenge

You’re still passionate about the work you do and the results your clients can get… if they could find you, anyway

You get overwhelmed when you hear news of the next latest, greatest thing you should be focusing on in social media (omg, stories, hashtags, IGTV, groups, Linkedin)

You’re willing to do work (as long as it works), be held accountable, and make sure your business is on track for a healthy launch by 2020

Well, listen up.

I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. (I’m calling this the Low Carb, Sugar Free Public Service Announcement)

Building your business is going to take more time than you think. 

Hey, if you happen to be one of the lucky few who signs up for the perfect course and implements the golden strategy from the #1 business coach in the galaxy, goes viral and ends up on stage with Tony Robbins, then cool.


We’ll see you on the home page of AOL News and fight our internal bitterness battles of how we wish we could win the entrepreneurial lottery, too.

But if that’s NOT you (and it’s probably not, I mean… yeah) then let’s just get real and admit to each other that this whole “self-employed” thing  is going to take a while longer than expected.

The Good News?

You have a mission.

You still want to make a difference.

You aspire to be a positive influence on your loved ones and the communities that mean something to you.



Let’s work on it. Slowly.  With passion and lots of self-compassion, because just because you get excited about an idea and super motivated to heal the world doesn’t mean your kids will magically stop getting sick, or your workload at your job will slow down.

Let’s get spread some good news about your brand and services while still leaving room for your real life!


The Algorithm Friendly Visibility Challenge with Rochelle starts on Sept 23rd and goes through October 30th.

It includes:

    • Daily, algorithm-friendly prompts and tips to increase your visibility on social media (without freaking yourself out so much that you have to take another unintentional 3 month hiatus. Don't lie. We've all done it.)
    • Weekly accountability to keep you focused on ONE goal at a time (not twenty! Put the tools down and stop researching, please. You don't need any of that. You just need YOU and some courage.)
    • A FREE and SUPPORTIVE Facebook community to nurture the creator and thought leader in you (because you deserve to be surrounded by people who get what you're all about)
    • Almost-weekly office hours to ask any question you might have about your progress (“almost weekly” because I’m trying to convince myself to take a trip to Disneyland in mid-October. So I won’t have office hours that particular week. #justbeinghonest)

If you’re thinking that 5 weeks seems like a LONG time for a challenge, you’re right. It’s on purpose. 

Because, honestly?  I feel more comfortable helping you implement a visibility strategy that feels good and is truly sustainable.

 And the only way that’s going to happen is if I give you small, bite-sized action steps and help you stay accountable to why you’re learning and taking action on this stuff in the first place. 

That can’t happen if I got all “Rochelle mode” on you for 5 days with very intense and comfort-zone-challenging directives and then leave you scrabbling in the aftermath.

So, yeah. That’s why it’s 5 weeks long. Not 5 days.

You in?

Join us! I’ll see you in the group!

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