Where to Focus | Video 3: RELIEF!

Does having a list of a bajillion things to do make you feel better or worse? Be honest.

I mean, you’ve got a family, work, crazy road ragers in traffic on your commute.

And for some reason the barista who has a secret vendetta against you (but you’re trying your best to be kind to her because Ellen Degeneres says so) is ALWAYS working when you just need a no-drama morning. And yet… there she is. Every time.

The truth is: You’ve got enough on your plate.

But the things that are important can seem SO BIG that you’re sure they’ll literally take you years to accomplish.

(And let’s face it… you want your business to explode before you reach 78 years old, ideally).

Today you’re going to give yourself some relief.

Grab your mindmap and a highlighter and let's do this!