Top 5 Facebook Group Mistakes

January 7, 2019


This week I'll be sharing the Top 5 Mistakes you may be making when it comes to Facebook Group Marketing.

Open a group!

You should have your own group!

Share free content and then they'll buy from you!

But you know what happens.

You make the group. You get people to join. You check in every day, ask them questions, start discussions, ask them if they need help, offer free coaching calls... and nada!

No one takes you up on anything!

How can you get people to buy from your online business and expand your reach using Facebook Groups, if people won't even participate for FREE?

Whether you're trying to revive your fizzled Facebook group or you're just trying to figure out what the big deal is about online communities using Facebook's group platform, this 5-part video series will help!

Facebook Group Mistake #1

Today's tip (Video 1 of 5) will help you STOP focusing on the number of people and instead, keep your attention where it REALLY matters in your group.

Yes, the numbers matter. But not these numbers.

Watch the video and share your biggest takeaway in the comments!

Hi everybody! My name is Rochelle Sanchez and I specialize in reviving fizzled Facebook groups! This video series is going to be teaching you a little bit about the top five mistakes that I see a lot of solopreneurs making, when it comes to your Facebook group and marketing your business using Facebook groups.

I think that the biggest mistakes that we're making happen when we're kind of in that mentality of, "I need to get this right, I need to do this, I really need these things to happen."

Which is great, right? You have urgency, you have a big goal, you have your business plan.

And so Facebook groups obviously play a part in that, otherwise, you wouldn't be putting all this effort into it, right.

So today, I want to walk you through the five top mistakes that you might be making.

And just to give you a little bit of relief, maybe a little bit of comfort and strategy to help you move forward in a way that makes it so that when you sign into your Facebook group, you don't feel that anxiety or self doubt anymore.

So. Five things! All right!

So your first one, your first mistake that you might be making is focusing on the number of members a little too much! And maybe even fussing too much over how engaged they are, or how few of them are engaged in your group.

And so just to back up on this a little bit: I understand that it's really important to get people into your group.

It's kind of like building your list or getting traffic to your website. The numbers actually do matter.

And so I'm not trying to say that the numbers don't matter, and that you can have three people in a in a group and you'll just be a millionaire in a week (although some webinars might want you to believe that).

The numbers actually do matter.

But so it's important to just kind of like step back a little bit and understand WHY it's so important to you.

I mean, getting people into your group is not easy! These days, there are so many groups! Everyone's in like, 80 groups, and 50 of them were groups that you didn't even choose to be in because your friends keep adding you in them.

And for some reason, Facebook hasn't decided that we should be able to deny people the ability to add us to groups that we didn't actually want to join. So we still have that kind of going on.

When it's your group, it's you trying to get people in there, so that you can give them value, and you can help them and you can help them transform their lives.

It's hard, because it's hard to not take it personally when your group is quiet and no one's talking to each other. Because it's so hard to get them in there in the first place!

You have to promote it, you have to tell people about it, you have to get them in.

And then you have to get them to answer the three damn questions. The easiest questions in the world, right? That you set up just so that you don't attract all these like spam bots and people! And they're not answering the questions.

So you gotta invite them, you have to tell them to join.

And then you have to get them to actually answer the questions.

And then you have to approve them once they answer the questions.

And then beyond that, it's like, you know, a lot of people just aren't engaging it! AndI get it, it's frustrating.

It's one of those things where you had really good intentions when you started this group, you have a plan for it, and it's just not coming together.

And so I just want to give you a little bit of comfort on that, in that, you know, that might actually be the mistake that you're making. A community takes, what? Two people? You can have a community -- a relationship -- with one other person, right?

And so even though it's a small group, you can feel good about yourself.

Because you got each of those people in there, one person at a time. Okay?

There's no "bulk adding" people into a group.

It's you attracting really cool people, who have a Facebook account, and actually, you know, influencing them to CHOOSE to join your group.

And in most groups right now, you see that you have the ability to allow other people to invite, but I don't see a lot of people doing that. And I think that's a good thing. Because we're all kind of over the whole getting added to groups.

But I think that you should feel proud of yourself for every single person that you have in there. At some point, they saw something from you and they actually wanted to join.

So it's working! That's what it means!

It means that they signed up.

It means that they're in.

It means that they want to know a little bit more about you.

So just imagine, like, instead of focusing on that number, "Oh, I only have 18 people in my group," "Oh, I only have 200 people, but it's the same two or three people who keep posting over and over!"

Think about it, like you actually have them in a room.

Like maybe you get like an Airbnb or something. And you host a workshop.

Imagine if you had 18 people in that room that you're responsible for. That'd be pretty cool, right? If you had 200 people that'd be a little overwhelming!

But the beauty of Facebook groups is that they're ongoing, and you don't have to be online at the same time. Conversations go on just on an ongoing basis. And sometimes, conversations from like a year ago come up and then the conversation continues. So that's kind of like the beauty of it, you don't have to be on at the same time talking to each other, live for this one hour and then nothing happens.

They're ongoing and you know, if you do it right, then you really can build a community where people are getting to know each other and building those relationships... without you actually being in there all the time!

So don't focus so much on the number of people or beat yourself up over the fact that it's only a handful of people who are engaging.

Because honestly, you only need a handful of people to create a community. So be proud of yourself for that, and know that you are on the right track.

Because this this is going to take time, just like anything in online marketing.

It's going to take time to build that relationship and to show people that you know we were talking about and that this is a good place to be.

Share your biggest takeaway in the comments!

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  1. I am not sure I would ever have a facebook group but I think focusing on the right engagement is important in any social media. This is a great tip even for people who don’t have a group.

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