Top 5 Facebook Group Mistakes (Part 2)

January 9, 2019


This week I'll be sharing the Top 5 Mistakes you may be making when it comes to Facebook Group Marketing.

Click here for Mistake #1: The Number of Members Doesn't matter

Whether you're trying to revive your fizzled Facebook group or you're just trying to figure out what the big deal is about online communities using Facebook's group platform, this 5-part video series will help!

Facebook Group Mistake #2

Today's mistake relates to how BADLY you wish that people would TALK to each other!

You're providing great content.
You're asking them what they need.
You're going crazy because no one is taking advantage of it all.

What gives?

Watch this video for some help with the second mistake many solopreneurs are making in Facebook Groups: Relying on the group to nurture and build itself.

And yes, there are some quick fixes to help you if you're guilty of this (we all are, at some point!)

Watch the video and share your biggest takeaway in the comments!


Hey everybody, welcome back! This is Video 2 on our series of Biggest Mistakes that Solopreneurs are Making in Facebook groups, particularly when you're marketing your transformational life changing services. And you're just... not getting the results that you want.

So we're talking about that.

So in the last video, the first mistake that we talked about was focusing on the numbers a little too much. Numbers do matter, but you can go about them in the wrong way. So I hope that you caught that video.

The second mistake that you might be making with your Facebook group is relying on the group itself to build and nurture itself. I know that this is a little ironic, because we LIKE the one to any model.

Because it's less work for you!


It's people congregating for one common reason. One common goal and coming together on a under one central idea that leads to you making more sales and then making friends and making connections.

And just, like, everybody totally having a ball together.

So it's, kind of funny because we were when it comes to Facebook groups, we know exactly what NOT to do.

We know that we don't really get that much from Facebook groups that are just one gigantic feed of inspirational quotes, because those are kind of over done.

And we're all kind of tired of the whole "post and ghost" kind of method where people just drop into each group, and they drop a post, and then they leave. And then they come back on Wednesday, the next week, and then they post something and they leave. And they come back on Saturday for the promo thread. And they post and they leave.

It's annoying, and you're not alone in that. But that's just kind of how we're doing it. And then on top of that, another wrong way to be doing Facebook groups. Assuming that there it's going to build itself is by saying, when you're inviting people, they say, "What is your group all about?"

And or maybe it's a promo post, a promo thread, where you're sharing your group.

And people say, you know, share your groups! Why should we join?

And I keep saying this over and over and over. It's always the same thing when people say, "I am a ____ and join my group ____," (you know, whatever it was called, usually some really fancy name that no one really understands except the person who's sharing it).

And then they say, "It's truly a safe place to come and share and get support." Which is endearing and heartwarming, and I know that your heart's in the right place when you say that.

But.... everybody's saying that. Everybody makes a group, hoping that it will be a safe place to share and get support.

There's like a million groups out there. And every single one of them is that.

And so, stop introducing your your group as a safe place as a place to share, because that's what social media is, we hope that we're going to be safe, we hope that it's going to be open for us to share. And it's just one of those things.

So, as an example, just to hammer this home. I was actually in, because, you know, other different kinds of groups. I was in a paid mastermind, and it was a high level one.

And I personally got pegged as the person who made that group feel unsafe, and I don't know if you know me, but you know, I'm a pretty trustworthy person.

But you can't really control other people's feelings. You can't control the amount of trust that people have in one another in strangers, in acquaintances, it's just one of those things.

So even in like a high level paid mastermind kind of thing, someone like me can be pegged as someone who's not safe to be around.

And so, you know, instead of focusing on just saying that it's safe, that it's a place to get support (because it's kind of like the no brainer) what I recommend is saying exactly what they get out of it.

What are your plans for the group?

What is what exactly is happening so that they should join right now, instead of two weeks from now?

And that will solve people's problem that they have when they initially hear about your group. Because people are nice, people are very soft-hearted. They really want to support you. And a lot of people actually join groups just to just to SHOW their support.

But you know, you want people who are actually going to GET it. They're on board with that core idea that you have, with the plan that you have for them, with the agenda that you've created for your group.

So make sure that that's clear.

Speaking of making sure that it's clear, we're going to be talking about in that in the next video with the third mistake, which is not stepping into that leadership role.

So I'm going to break down exactly what that means and we're really going to get into it.

So, I will see you then!

Share your biggest takeaway in the comments!

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