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The Real Deal Business Studio

A nuts-and-bolts mentorship and implementation program that helps solopreneurs stay accountable to a realistic marketing plan designed for long-term success.

Live Group Calls • Coaching • Accountability • Goal Setting • Long-Term SUCCESS 

Hosted by Rochelle Sanchez

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You've invested so much time and money in learning, but you have trouble completing what needs to be done
  • You tend to think short term and struggle with creating an inspiring, long term plan (and when you do, it changes every other month because life gets in the way)
  • You know you should hire help because there aren’t enough hours in the day, but you also don’t feel ready (emotionally or financially) to bring on a virtual assistant

I hate to break it to you, but…

Starting a business is hard. Especially if your current strategy is:

"I’ll just write up an offer or open a studio/office and figure it out."

"I’ll post about it as much as possible on social media."

"I’ll ask my family and friends to spread the word."

"I’ll spend my time and money on courses and webinars so that I can cover “all the pieces” and the algorithm will hopefully work in my favor!"

"When I make all my initial investment back, I’ll expand and scale up."

You deserve better.

You already have what it takes.

And it's okay to need help!

It’s time to surround yourself with people who will have a positive influence on your self-confidence.

Meet Your Instructor, coach, and nerdy project manager, Rochelle Sanchez.

Hi, I’m Rochelle, and I believe in you!

I love working with overwhelmed, tech-challenged, but still AMBITIOUS solopreneurs in the mindset and emotional wellness industries who feel passionately about living your life to its fullest potential through therapy, coaching, and self-awareness.

As one of my students in RDBS, I will work one-on-one with you to:

  • Clarify your long term vision for the kind of soulful success you deeply want

  • Help you develop a marketing strategy that you’ll enjoy implementing (that you won’t ignore or put on the sideburner)

  • Hold you accountable to what you said you’d do (and if you don’t, have a thoughtful discussion with you about why)

We will:

  • Meet every other week on a live call for masterminding, group feedback, and celebrations

  • Have a quarterly, private 1:1 call (just you and me!) to keep you on track

  • Tackle one core concept of virtual entrepreneurship per month that will ensure your long-term success and keep you focused

  • Track your progress in a project management app with weekly deadlines and baby steps that keep the momentum going

  • Use the courses & webinars you’ve already invested in and implement them

  • Have virtual co-working sessions and get sh*t done together

The Real Deal Business Studio is a virtual mastermind workshop where you can clarify your long term vision, customize a marketing and back end operations strategy that is sustainable and profitable, and be held accountable with some hand holding and an occasional, friendly, “kick in the pants” to ensure you deliver on your priorities.

 Clarify.   Strategize.   Deliver. 

What's included:

  1. Personalized month-to-month mentorship with Rochelle and a group of other brilliant and talented solopreneurs ($300 value)
  2. One (1) Private Intensive with Rochelle every quarter  once a month!, to streamline, simplify, and troubleshoot your marketing strategy ($300+ value) (Additional calls added to help online entrepreneurs pivot during COVID-19)
  3. Live group calls every other week to get actionable feedback and implementation steps  ($500+ value)
  4. Access to our library of Tech & Marketing Video Training, for when you just can't move forward until you understand what you're doing ($600 value)
  5. An active, private Facebook group to ask your questions, post for feedback, and celebrate your wins! ($200 value)
  6. Accountability and easy-to-implement weekly tasks with due dates inside our private project management platform ($200 value)



$199.00 USD per month, auto-charged via Stripe

$97.00 USD per month  (Offer valid through June 2020)

Bi-Annual (6 month membership)

$600.00 USD every six (6) months, auto-charged via Stripe

Ready to get started?

There is so much noise out there about what you need and everyone is trying to sell you something. Rochelle helped me get clear about what I really needed to focus on and let the rest go.

KELLIE DALE //  Transformation & Mindset Coach

Rochelle is the person to go to if you want your online business “pulled all together.” She has a knack for making the tech stuff make sense and the marketing easy (and really effective).

KEISHA DIXON  // The  Tapping Queen

Seriously, though. Get in here.