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Find Your Unicorn VA

Grab my fill-in-the-blank swipe file that will save you HOURS in your search for a long-term VA!

What's Included

  • My full job description in Google Docs format, ready to easily copy-and-paste into the hiring platform of your choice
  • Explainer notes outlining the purpose of each section and why I include it (because some parts are... a little unexpected!)
  • A list of places for finding your virtual assistant (including the one I prefer and use every time to get 20+ qualified VAs within my budget!)
  • The four interview questions I always ask my top three candidates to make sure we’re a good fit for each other

This fill-in-the-blank swipe will save you HOURS in your search for a long-term VA!

Document on a tablet with cut-out snippets of the text content, surrounded by flowers, pinecones, and rhinestones

Whenever I post this VA job description, it usually gets me at least 20+ applicants who are within my monthly or hourly budget, qualified, tech-savvy, proactive about the application process to work with me, and openly enthusiastic to help me with what I need.

Using this template cuts the hiring process down to one week, max and leads to me having a handful of interviews with potential VAs who are already aligned and on-board with my brand mission, personal values, and eager to be part of the movement I’m building.

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