Productivity Tech Tips for Tech-Challenged Entrepreneurs

October 18, 2017

Hi there! I've compiled a list of my favorite tech tips when it comes to bootstrapping your online marketing.

How about spending more time doing what you LOVE (coaching, serving, speaking, and presenting) instead of getting flustered with complicated systems and expensive tools?

(Heck yea! Here we go!)

Keep track of your thoughts and ideas.

Confession:  I can be a scatterbrain sometimes. I have a million thoughts, and if I don’t write them down, they’re lost forever. So Google Keep is my favorite, above Trello and Evernote and even Google Docs.

Who else here is a chaotic mess with no system, barely keeping it together??

If you need a “bare minimum” system for keeping your shit together and making a TEENY bit of sense out of your crazy brain and dreamy ambitions, here's how I use Google Keep!

(Yea, it's a free tool. Just like Google Docs!)


This is especially helpful if you happen to get your best ideas when you're totally not working on your business. (amen?)


I made a nifty little video run-through for you! Check it out:


I use Google Keep for the following:

  • Saving ideas that come to me when I’m out and about, and away from my desk
  • Stocking up on promotional posts so I don’t have to come up with them from scratch on Facebook
  • Storing affiliate links for when I invite people to try Convertkit, or buy the tripod I use and love. (Yes, these are affiliate links!)
  • And remembering random things, like where I parked at the airport.

Get used to taking appointments. Use this tool.

Yes, introverts. You, too.

If you're not quite in the market for $10 a month for Calendly or Acuity, try!

Have people email you directly if they want to make an appointment, and then use this free add-on for your gmail account.

It allows you to give your potential clients clickable meeting options INSIDE the email. It integrates into your Google Calendar, too, so when you're choosing your meeting time options you won't double book yourself.

And it's free!

Yea, sometimes it's glitchy and assumes the meeting is going to be in Google Hangouts… but if you just tell your reader/caller/whoever that it'll be in Skype or Zoom or wherever, then you should be okay.

Repurpose your videos!

I'm so happy to see so many online coaches finally going live and showcasing your personality in your Facebook groups! But don't just go live and let the video disappear into the newsfeed or discussion tab.

Repurpose it!

Save the video to your computer so you can use it (or re-upload it!) somewhere else. The possibilities are endless:

  • Re-upload as value posts in other groups
  • Post on your blog!
  • Get it transcribed into a written blog!
  • Get it transcribed as a chapter in a book!
  • Pull smaller snippets and post in Instagram
  • Add it as additional training in one of your courses
  • Send it to a VA or content writer to pull apart into even more content

You get the idea.

If you're not sure how to download your Facebook Live videos onto your computer to repurpose later, I've got a walkthrough for ya!

Here's how to do it:

Block Your Distractions

We all log on with the best intentions.

You have an online business, after all. You have to be online, and you have to be with other people.

But when you bombarded with cute cat videos, recipes, celebrity news, inspirational quotes, and posts from your competitors that trigger major FOMO, it's hard to get your mojo back after going down the Facebook vortex.

Fortunately, there are two apps I like to use to limit my distractions!

  • Newsfeed Eradicator: To stop seeing anything on Facebook that I didn't intentionally sign in to see.
  • Website Blocker (Beta): To stop myself from signing onto Facebook when I should really be in Word or Google Docs writing content!

Here's a walkthrough of both of them!

Simplify your strategy and systems

This blog entry could easily go on to be another one of those “25+ Productivity Hacks You'll Never Apply” but you and I both know how helpful that would be. 🙂

Instead — I invite you to sign up for this self-paced, 7-part DIY workshop all about Simplifying Your Tech and Making Sales Online.

If you're tech-challenged and want a SIMPLIFIED way to approach sales in your business when it seems like everyone's trying to sell you a really elaborate tripwire funnel something-or-other, then this one should help you clear your head a bit.


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