Supreme Court Bullshit – Summer Behind the Scenes Part 6


You're reading one of Rochelle's "Personal Update" Blog posts. That means these are random thoughts and personal behind-the-scenes updates directly from Rochelle and not necessarily advice that she hopes you'll take and apply to your own life or business.  Proceed with caution, curiosity, and kindness, please!

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June 30, 2023

Show Notes

Trigger Warning: Pet sickness and death.

Join Rochelle in this explicit and candid episode of Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy, as she reflects onthe impact of Supreme Court rulings, personal challenges, and a false alarm with her eldest cat. Also, some progress was made with Rochelle's workbook and thoughts on her decision to have it professionally printed. Tune in to explore thought-provoking insights on the role of business, money, and social responsibility, and find inspiration to prioritize self-care while working towards positive change.

Keywords: compassionate side hustle strategy, behind the scenes, explicit discussion, Supreme Court rulings, personal challenges, workbook progress, professional printing, business, money, social responsibility, self-care, positive change

Transcript Highlights:

1. "It's been kind of a shit week. And it was all of it was out of my control and a lot of it is also probably being experienced by people like you and people like us because of the fantastic Supreme court, you know, rulings and all of these stupid things that are happening in the United States."

2. "My entire feed is just full of hurting people, people in pain, people angry, people trying to tell other people how terrible this is, and it's really wearing me down."


[00:00:00] Just a heads up. That this is well, first of all, this is part six of my summer hit behind the scenes series on this podcast. This is not the typical content that I usually put out there. And I'm doing something different here for the summer in case this is your first episode of compassionate side hustle strategy. But more importantly, second of all, this episode might be a little explicit.

[00:00:27] So I always. I always mark my, my podcast as explicit, because I know that I'll let a curse word out there, you know, unexpectedly every once in a while. This is one of those.

[00:00:41] So. It's been kind of a shit week. And it was all of it was out of my control and a lot of it is also probably being experienced by people like you and people like us because of the fantastic Supreme court, you know, rulings and all of these stupid things. That are happening in the United States.

[00:01:00] And so it's hard to keep myself focused because I know that when things like this happen There's literally nothing we can do immediately. Right? I mean, like we can be reactive and do things like donate, sign things, share things on the internet. Like, unfortunately, I, I follow a lot of cause driven and politically savvy or a politically aware accounts. Which is nice because then I feel like they actually care about something, but at the same time today, Days like today.

[00:01:37] My entire feed. It's just full of hurting people, people in pain, people angry, people trying to tell other people how terrible this is, and it's really wearing me down.

[00:01:48] So that's part of it. On a personal note. I, I had a rough week because you know, I've, I think this is just like the low after getting a lot of work done, which I'll get to because I did get some nice things you know, going this week since the last time I Checked in with you, but.

[00:02:07] If you didn't know, I have three cats, like three cats. And I love them and I chose this lifestyle being a cat mom of three cats at my age. And but of course it comes with its challenges right. And so my oldest who is 15, I've had her since college. I got her in Oregon. And, you know, we were there as roommates. And then we came here back to California where my family is and she integrated into my household.

[00:02:37] And like she. You know, and when the, some animals just have that kind of attitude and they just have a way of living their life. She has shown me over her life that she is She's going to choose how she lives. And it's just one of those things where like The gist of it is that this week I literally thought she was dying.

[00:02:57] I was like, my elderly cat is dying. She's hiding. And she is, you know, like laying down and she's gonna, she looks like she's really gonna die. And so I was sitting there like, you know, tearing up. I'm not a crier, but like I was tearing up and I was like thanking her and I was like praying for her and myself and like, All of the things that you do when you think your pet is going to die. And obviously you can probably tell from my tone that she didn't die.

[00:03:27] Because she's just that kind of cat, like, I guess she just wanted to be mopey one day because now she's okay. Like. I don't know, she just. I think that she probably fakes things. And it's just really something to have animals who do that. Cause it's not like, I mean, I've, I wouldn't dare say compare, like having a, an animal, a pet to having a kid, but.

[00:03:53] But boy, I'm like. The things that you deal with when you're responsible for another living thing.

[00:04:01] But anyway, let's get back to what I'm working on. The workbook really did come together. I went ahead and stopped myself. Like I designed the cover. I did final touches on the interior, and then I stopped myself before I started like nitpicking at things.

[00:04:19] Cause there are definitely things in this workbook, in the layout and the design possibly in the content that I could I could kind of bump up from an A- to an A+ if you know what I mean. But I forced myself to stop.

[00:04:35] And the way that I got myself to stop, because I mean, like there's no one actually stopped me. Right. I'm the one making the decision. I am the design team. I am the copywriting team and the way that I told myself to stop is that I got it printed.

[00:04:49] So, I don't know if you're familiar with this, but there's a book publishing not publishing. I dunno. It's like a book selling platform called Lulu. L U L U and I've been following them for a while. I don't know a ton about them, but I did like the information that I got when they, when I requested info on their book printing services.

[00:05:11] And so I went ahead and put my workbook in there and ordered myself a copy. So it's going to come in the mail. It's going to be spiral bound. It's going to be in color with a glossy cover and all of that fancy stuff.

[00:05:25] And the reason I did that is because I want, you know, well, I want a printed copy and of course I did design it so that you could print it out at home like most digital products. But I just wanted it to look super official.

[00:05:39] And especially since. I want, I plan on like, you know, selling it. And so it will be just really nice for me to hold up an actual book. And, and on top of that, I might include some kind of like option to get like a printed, a professionally printed copy in the mail. Versus printing it yourself at home or at staples or, you know, wherever people print their stuff nowadays.

[00:06:04] I know that I'm in the minority and that I have my own printer and a lot of people don't have printers now. And so I want to be conscious of that.

[00:06:13] And I also. Yeah. I don't know decisions need to be made around that, but I'm just really happy that I decided to get it printed.

[00:06:20] And then at the same time, I'm like, oh, I can't. I can't well can't, I mean, I can do whatever I want. But I can't.

[00:06:28] If I want it to be accurate. When I'm like showing my previews or mentioning it or holding it up or taking pictures of it, then I know that I shouldn't be like making changes. The changes can be easy to make, and if there are any that are like, kind of superficial and just need to be changed real quick, then that's fine. But I really am trying to make this some kind of version of like actually publishing workbook where I don't get to just sign on real quick and make little changes.

[00:06:55] And I almost, I almost went the route of like actually getting an ISBN and making it like a book available everywhere, but I'm like, I'm not quite ready for that.

[00:07:06] I would rather wait until later on, but I think that that's coming up. That'll probably happen next year.

[00:07:13] So another thing on my mind is of course, you know, like the Supreme court bullshit that just happened and how how I can, first of all work through it on my own. 'cause like, I, I personally am not personally individually affected by it. I don't think anyone really is right now. I mean, unless you're like you know a person who is from a marginalized community who's literally on the yes or no list at like Harvard or wherever it is then, like it. It, it really does affect people, you know, certain people right now.

[00:07:49] But for me personally, here in my office and deciding on the next things I'm going to do for the next few weeks, it doesn't affect me immediately, but it does make me think a lot.

[00:08:01] About what I stand for. And what I want my business to be about and what I want my brand to actually be standing for in the long run. And a lot of that I've worked through fairly recently through my workbook. But at the same time, I don't know.

[00:08:17] I think for me, it's just a wake up, wake up call that I really do need to start saying the things that I want to say from, you know, a thought leader or a business owner standpoint, rather than doing things that I think I need to do before I talk about the important stuff. The important stuff for me being that business is kind of sheisty.

[00:08:37] Especially all these you know, like I love small businesses. I think that a lot of people have potential. I think there were probably a lot of small businesses just with how easy it is to start a business, get a business license, get all the forms and everything together. And the fact that you don't really need that much to have technically have a business.

[00:08:57] But I think that we also take advantage of that. And so like, I'm, I'm wondering...

[00:09:05] I know that for me, the goal is to become a registered B Corp because I really don't want to fall into the trap of like, everything being about the money. And unfortunately the way that our business culture, just entrepreneurship in general, in this country is we're all just, everyone wants to make all that money. And the only way that you're impressive and the only way that you can sell is if you say, and prove that you've made all that money.

[00:09:36] And. I would really prefer that more people talk about what you can do with money. The power that you have when you have a lot of it versus when you don't have a lot of it. And how, when you have a business, that puts the power in your own hands. If we all learned how to make money on our own, legally and, you know, through a business that can scale that can, you know, be... that can appear in on shows and get lots of news and press. And then I think that it would solve a lot of problems.

[00:10:12] And I think that that's probably also why a lot of people start businesses. Not everyone. There are definitely some people who like to just like side hustle and hustle all the way through, which is not what I'm about, which should be obvious by now.

[00:10:23] But I think that a lot of people do want to do really good work with their business and they see the bigger vision, but they struggle with the in between steps.

[00:10:32] And so that's, what's on my mind this week, just trying to figure out how I can. Really give myself support. Like mostly emotional support right now.

[00:10:43] But keeping in mind that I am still working on something and the work that I've already been doing has meaning, and it has value and it's not any less important just because we have some corrupt people in our government.

[00:11:01] But anyway. That's my update. I almost didn't do this update. And I was like, maybe I'm just going to skip it this week, but you know what? It doesn't take that much time just to just let everyone know what I'm thinking and what's going on.

[00:11:16] But man, this sucks, like most of the time. My job is cool. And then sometimes it just really sucks.

[00:11:23] So I hope that you're doing okay. I hope that you're not too personally affected by all of the Supreme court bullshit. And that you have people around you that can support you.

[00:11:37] And if you don't then. You know, this is for you. This is me doing the work that I'm doing and worrying about people and trying to just like be, I don't know, find my own level of peace while terrible things are happening. It's on behalf of people who don't have extended family or whole support system and a circle that they can rely on when they're feeling pretty crappy, which I think a lot of people are feeling this week.

[00:12:11] So please take care of yourself, please rest. Go to sleep. If you can. And then, you'll know when you're ready and when you're ready, then you can get up and you can say, okay, let's, let's see what we can do, because I don't think that we're helpless in this, obviously like there are lots of people in organizations and nonprofits and you know, political groups that are doing good work. And I think that, you know, as usual, it's a, it's a call to action. But take care of your self first. And then when you're ready. Come and step forward and do some good work.

[00:12:47] So that's it for this week. I will see you next week, hopefully in a better mood. But yeah, take care of yourself and. I'll see ya. 

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