Super Besties in Business!

A Peer Mentorship and Technical Support Program for the Totally Lost!

What is it?

A super chill mentorship opportunity for tech-challenged entrepreneurs with big plans and even bigger dreams.

A solution for those who aren't ready to spend thousands on a consultant, but still want to accomplish ALL OF THE THINGS.

Perfect for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, especially if you are:

  • Feeling like you’re slowly losing your sanity figuring this tech stuff out
  • Currently up to your neck in content and courses and in need of some accountability to get stuff done
  • Tired of wasting time on things you don’t enjoy anyway
  • Ready to bring your idea to life and actually make money off of it!
  • Full of a million questions, either out of necessity or curiosity (as in, “How did they do that?”) and in love with the idea of collaborating with others to conquer your tech troubles


  1. A sense of relief from the information overwhelm, saving you hours of struggle and learning time.
  2. No more crying over tech that just isn’t working, but it’s supposed to, but it’s not!
  3. Regular accountability check-ins and feedback to keep you from getting distracted by LIFE and SHINY OBJECTS!
  4. Weekly opportunities to ask business-related tech questions so you get specific advice that addresses your exact needs...
  5. An awesome circle of business besties you can count on to understand your struggles and support you!


Here's the training that's ready and waiting for you...

January: Feel Good Funnels

Content Includes:

  • How easy it is to create your own sales funnel, without spending hundreds hiring an expert to do it for you
  • How to reach your ideal clients in a fun and easy way that you actually ENJOY
  • How to sell your product or service so you can earn money without feeling like a salesman
  • How some of your marketing mistakes are making you look selfish and sleazy (even though you're NOT!)

February: Promo like a Mofo: How to get noticed in 10+ Facebook Groups without Losing Your Mind

Content Includes:

  • 30-min audio training on the power of using OTHER people’s groups when you only have a small inactive one (or none at all).
  • PDF of Best Practices and Big Mistakes in Facebook Group Promoting
  • Rochelle’s Process: A live run-through of me promoting in my groups so you can see in real-time what it looks like (and how I make decisions on whether to post or NOT on certain days)
  • My epic list of groups that I like to keep tabs on (and there are a lot of them)

March: Easy Email Lists for the Totally Lost (or Skeptical)

Content Includes:

  • Training #1: Email List definitions -- what's what in email so you don’t get confused
  • Training #2: General info on Email Marketing
  • Training #3: A Walkthrough of my email system and how it all links together
  • Turn Your Challenge into your First Opt-in with Convertkit (video series walkthrough for CK users)
  • Video: Thoughts on choosing your lead magnet and how what you THINK it should be might not be the best plan after all

April, May, June...

Content Includes:

... you'll see! We change course based on what the group needs (and I'm known for creating tutorials on the fly and answering all off-topic questions anyway, so what does it matter what the monthly theme is, right?)

What if you've got a lot of questions?

Perfect! You're allowed to ask as many questions as you want, on ANY topic, and I often respond with additional video tutorials!

​I also offer live Q&A office hours on an as-needed basis if you need someone    to cry to (er, ask questions!) live!

Your investment:

Pay in Full

1 Payment of


Please Note:

By registering for this mentorship, you agree to our No Refund Policy. It's either a "hell yes" or a "hell no." Your total amount due is $132 paid over five months ($33 per month). If at any time you wish to cancel your membership, you are required to pay off the remaining unpaid balance.


Can I still join? Doesn’t it end in June?

​The support group stays live until the end of June! Plenty of time to get you up and running!

After June, my availability will be limited, so that's why the payment has been reduced to 5 payments of $33 instead of 6. Just out of courtesy since I know you don't get the full 6 months of support. The price will not be reduced any further than that (mostly for my sanity -- turns out, keeping track of multiple people on multiple plans is not that easy, and the program's already super cheap already so why make myself nuts, right?)​

What happens after the support group closes?

After June, you'll have access to the trainings for a certain amount of time (not set in stone yet -- I'm thinking until the end of the year). You will have an exclusive, discounted opportunity to continue your mentorship on a month-to-month basis.


Join us for this round of Super Besties and..

You get access to all my trainings that I create between now and the end of June, for FREE. And a discount code for a super special program that's being released after that ;)

An opportunity to earn an affiliate commission when you recruit a fellow tech-challenged friend for the next round of SB!

Ready for some RELIEF?

In all seriousness though...

I really do believe that you shouldn't have to invest thousands of dollars before your business can take off. From one up-and-coming entrepreneur to another, grab your spot as a Super Besties and I'll help you get up and running in no time!

Get in here! 

~ Rochelle

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