Welcome, Women's Stories of Success Listeners!

Quirky. Artsy. Ambitious. Passionate.

You can make money off that. Let me show you!

Hi there! It's Rochelle. I'm so glad you resonated with my interview in the Women's Stories of Success Summit!

(This is the mug that I mentioned, by the way)

Okay, do me a favor. Ask yourself these questions:


Do you have a passion for making a difference, but you've TRIED starting a freelancing gig or a side business and it never took off?

Would you like to learn an easier, more authentic way to market yourself and your business without having to do #allthethings, all the time?


You're a step ahead of everyone else, because you've taken action, tried something, and lived to tell the tale of your first entrepreneurial flop. :) 


More questions:

Are you a good listener?

Do you sometimes feel like you're an oddball, and you take some time to get used to people before you open up?

Have you ever wanted to belong to a certain "crowd" but didn't know exactly how to go about it without seeming full of yourself?

Hi there! I'm Rochelle.

And I've got good news for ya:

Your thoughtfulness, passion, and uniqueness are STRENGTHS.

(And you can make money off of them, too.)
Let me show you!

If you believe in being authentic in your online marketing, come hang out with me and other fun, quirky multi-passionate people who have launched, flopped, and are now in it to focus and make money being our amazing, unique selves!

Are you in?

There is so much noise out there about what you need and everyone is trying to sell you something. Rochelle helped me get clear about what I really needed to focus on and let the rest go.

KELLIE DALE //  Transformation & Mindset Coach

Rochelle is the person to go to if you want your online business “pulled all together.” She has a knack for making the tech stuff make sense and the marketing easy (and really effective).

KEISHA DIXON  // The Tapping Queen

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