Accountability Meet-up for Solopreneurs 

This offer is no longer available. An email has been sent to all who applied. If you'd like to contact Rochelle, please use the contact form here.

What it is

I'm planning a weekly accountability circle where business owners get together and talk about what we’re working on.


It will be no-pitch environment (yes, including me) but by participating, you'll learn all about other people's businesses and what we're all doing to make it work.

Why I'm offering this

Just wanting to set up more accountability for myself with my brand this year and I do better when I'm doing it with others. And I happen to enjoy planning and facilitating.

When we'll meet

I’m thinking 3 months straight, and then if we jive well we can keep it going. The meeting time is set for Thursdays at 12pm Pacific Time (ish). I'm open to moving it a bit if another time is better for everyone. Probably starting in the second half of February, 2023.


It would be “pay what you will” to start out, with preference given to entrepreneurs from marginalized communities (BIPOC, LGBTQ2IA+, disabled folks, etc.) if there’s a lot of interest and I need to narrow down the number of participants (I doubt it, but just being real, here). If you need a scholarship, just say so in the form and I can ask around for donors.