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You’re tired of feeling awkward. You’ve had it with smiling and nodding until the subject changes. You can’t open up, and you regret not speaking up, signing up, and hanging in there.


If you can relate, then know that there’s nothing wrong with any of the above characteristics. You are unique, and how you deal with the world will be different from how anyone else would live their life, even given the same circumstances that you’re in right now. You are YOU, and nothing can or ever should change that.

Feel better? Maybe you don’t need this book then. Good for you, have a nice day!


… not convinced? Then read on!

You know what else you are? You are creative. You’re interesting. You have skills and ideas that knock the other guys out of the water. Your talents, given the right outlet, could really change things and make people’s lives better. You’re open to opportunities, if only you could catch them. You’re reliable, and you know how to have a good time in the right situation. But no one knows!


SHY: Overcome Social Barriers and Heal Shyness The Painless Way


Welcome to YOUR world, introvert!


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I know what it’s like to sit in frustration and wonder why I act the way I do around other people. I can relate to that awkward feeling you wish you didn’t have to deal with when a situation gets “weird” and leaves you feeling slightly less than a rockstar.

I remember being too shy to ask a question in class and waiting until the end of the hour so I could ask the teacher personally with no one watching or judging me. That was ten years ago. At age 21 I took my first hip hop dance class. Now, at 29 years old, I’ve been teaching hip hop dance classes for four years and every week I’m on a wireless headset jumping around in my fitness classes, dancing, shouting, commanding, and encouraging my students to keep going so they can achieve their goals. I overcame my shyness and became a hip hop dancer, and I created this workbook to help you do the same.

I built a healthy, happy life for myself using my creative tendencies as an introvert and I can help you do the same.

Don't miss this awesome opportunity to learn about yourself, your shy nature and how you can be more comfortable just being YOU.

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So what's in it?

36 Pages of Easy-To-Follow, Motivational Tips and Advice.


Motivational, Easy To Follow, New Tips and Tricks for Overcoming Your Shyness


Content in this Digital Download E-Book includes:


Defining yourself: The HUGE difference between being shy and being introverted

… and why you NEED to understand where you fit! – p 7

Selfishness: A better understanding and why it's actually a GOOD thing –  p8

Awkward Situations: How to deal with them, how to learn from them, how to make them less painful and… awkward! –  p12

Self-Analysis: Step-by-step worksheets to help you understand social situations and make better connections – p15

Brainstorming: A detailed process for figuring out what you really want in life – p17

Essential BREAKTHROUGH Technique: Stay focused and ACHIEVE your goal. Can you visualize it? – p20

Online Tools To Help You Meet The Best Kinds Of People (And Gain The Courage to Go Out and Meet Them In The First Place)

Inspiration Quotes to Get You Going, Thinking, And MOVING in the Right Direction!

Speech Classes: They're terrifying! Or Are They? – p29

Essential, Guaranteed Building Blocks To Overcome Your Barriers and Support Your Future Goals! p32

And more!



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