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How to Make a Business Plan (For Once and For All) 

This Zine Is For You If...

  • You need to wrangle all your swirling ideas, dreams, and “maybe somedays” into an actionable plan
  • You feel stuck between the idealized-internet-search-results of entrepreneurship and the reality of where to actually begin
  • You struggle with going in circles when it comes to commitment and need something to keep you accountable to the most important next best steps
  • You are a fan of reflection and personal growth as part of the foundation of your business (but you want some pragmatic, “get this done” direction, too)

What's included:

  • Practical worksheets and exercises 
  • Tips for defining your business mission and vision
  • Strategies for understanding your market and competition
  • A simple financial planning and projection method
  • Insights on incorporating personal values into your business
  • Guidance on taking the next best steps towards your goals
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15 Tasks to Outsource and Save 15 Hours with Your First Virtual Assistant

Want to hire your first virtual assistant, but you’re not sure what you’d give them? 

If you worry about being able to afford the help you need, long-term and you want specific examples that are appropriate for someone just getting started with a VA, this is the eBook for you!

What's inside this eBook:

  • The Five Foundational areas of your business that suck up most of your creative energy
  • 15 specific tasks that will save yourself at LEAST 15 hours of time
  • Insights from a VA on what to STOP doing immediately (please)
  • How to calculate how many hours you need a VA for!
  • Tried-and-true HACKS I personally use in my own business when I outsource
Cover art for Find Your Unicorn Virtual Assistant Swipe File

Find Your Unicorn Virtual Assistant (Swipe File)

This fill-in-the-blank swipe will save you HOURS in your search for a long-term VA!

Whenever I post this VA job description, it usually gets me at least 20+ applicants who are within my monthly or hourly budget, qualified, tech-savvy, proactive about the application process to work with me, and openly enthusiastic to help me with what I need.

Using this template cuts the hiring process down to one week max and leads to me having a handful of interviews with potential VAs who are already aligned and on-board with my brand mission, personal values, and eager to be part of the movement I’m building.

Grab my swipe file now and you’ll be one copy-and-paste closer to finding your first long-term virtual assistant!

What’s Included:

  • My full job description in Google Docs format, ready to easily copy-and-paste into the hiring platform of your choice
  • Explainer notes outlining the purpose of each section and why I include it
  • A list of places for finding your virtual assistant (including the one I prefer and use every time to get 20+ qualified VAs within my budget)
  • Interview questions I ask my top three candidates to make sure we’re a good fit

Bounce Back After a Less-Than-Stellar Launch

A 3-Part Workbook + 3 Fully-Transcribed Audio Files to walk you through the process!

A Course on What The Heck Happened & How to Fix It For Next Time

  • Figure out why you didn't get the number of sign-ups that you expected, even though you feel like you did "everything right"
  • Discover the missing pieces that you didn't know were vital to launch success
  • Crunch your numbers and see where you stand among your peers
  • Learn when to send private invitations and when NOT to (because no one likes to be bothered or pressured)
  • Encourage your community members to participate and interact during your live challenge
  • Re-launch your offer with passion and confidence, knowing you have your bases covered
Cover art for My Dream Business Workbook, by Rochelle Sanchez. Subtitle: A Compassionate Self-Coaching Guide to Marketing, Systems, and Goal Setting for Solopreneurs. Cute hand drawn font and clouds in gradients of blue, purple, green, and pink.

My Dream Business Workbook

A Compassionate Self-Coaching Guide to Marketing, Systems, and Goal Setting for Solopreneurs

If you’ve been struggling with describing the work you’re here to do, this workbook will help!

The process in this workbook is the one I use when working 1:1 with mission-driven solopreneurs. It brings you (the business owner) through the process of finding clarity in your business’ mission and the impact you want to make with the communities you care about, most.As an entrepreneur, the simple act of “going against the grain” and choosing a risky, unpredictable career as a business owner is just the first step, and relatively easy in comparison to the hard work that comes after getting it all set up.

Your brainstorming and reflections while using this workbook will reveal your overall mission themes and intentions and the action steps you need to focus on so that your business doesn’t end up one of those corporate startups where the mission and vision statements are all fluff and have no real impact.

Let’s make sure you’re taking the right steps to build the business you’ve always dreamed of!