My #Ship30for30 Essays

How to Avoid Blending In With Your Competition

 by Rochelle Sanchez (she/her) • mar 15, 2022


If you want to stand out from the competition in an overcrowded industry, stop copying what other founders are doing.

For starters, stop using industry jargon.

For example:

  • It's time to step into your truth and take back your power!
  • You have the same 24 hour as Beyoncé. Time to hustle!
  • Stop holding yourself back. Do the work.

Pretend you're speaking to a curious 9-year-old who asks, "What do you do?"

Speaking to a 9-year-old (as opposed to the commonly used, "explain it to me like a 5-year-old") keeps you from oversimplifying the struggles you can help with.

e.g. "I help women step into their truth" could be oversimplified to "Mommy helps women feel happy and proud of themselves!"

What you really need is a description with more context and an example that can be understood by the 9-year-old, who already has some life experience.

Use detailed examples so they fully understand.

e.g. You know how Auntie Rose is always working all the time? She's exhausted, but she loves to read books with you at night. Well, when she meditates and goes on a walk with me after work, she's less tired. And that means more fun time for her after work and with you after dinner!

Always give context and examples when you introduce your work!

It's okay if the way you describe your work is different from others in your industry.

Choose to specifically address your ideal client's struggles so they see that you understand what they're facing.

Be different. Set yourself apart!

How to Network Online without Being Salesy or Pushy

by Rochelle Sanchez (she/her) • mar 14, 2022


This is a breakdown of how to expand your online network without being pushy or salesy.

You probably have friends and family who started businesses. But the way that they went about it really turned you off.

They were annoying and pushy and you never felt truly interested in what they had for sale. Maybe their business even harmed your relationship.

Now that you're growing your own business, you don't want to be like them. But how can you do this?

Stay on the social media platforms that you genuinely enjoy.

If you force yourself to use an app that you hate, people will pick on that when you interact with them. It's difficult to build genuine relationships when you'd rather be somewhere else.

Be a good listener.

Networking isn't about taking over conversations with information about the thing you sell. Get to know people. Ask deep questions. See yourself as a helpful part of their journey, and they'll naturally want to help you in return.

Stop trying to solve everyone's problems.

If you're fortunate to earn someone's trust, they may tell you what they're struggling with. Try not to jump at the chance to give them all of your ideas and solutions for their problem. See what happens if you simply hold space for them and validate what they're going through.

Build long-term relationships. Meeting someone new is just the beginning.

As the saying goes, "The fortune is in the follow-up." Keep in touch with them, and see where the networking relationship goes!

Easy Business Tasks That Won’t Burn You Out, but will Satisfy The Over-Achiever In You

by Rochelle Sanchez (she/her)


  • Rest
  • Track your fees
  • Send a message to your virtual assistant
  • Send a low-pressure follow-up
  • Put some paper away

Pick ONE.

Here's why:


When in doubt, always rest first. Keep a list of things that rejuvenate you, even if they don’t feel possible or worthwhile now with *gestures to everything*

Keep the list handy, so you remember how to rest next time.

Then, you guest it: Actually rest!

Track Your Fees

Revisit that slightly neglected spreadsheet where you list all of your app fees, membership charges, and monthly bills for your business.

I know you love supporting your entrepreneur friends, but it’s nice when renewal fees don’t creep up on you.

Send a Message to Your Virtual Assistant

You outsource to your VA for several reasons, I’m sure. Send them a quick message to check in, even if you don’t have an urgent, unexpected task for them to do right now.

Send them a bonus if you’re financially able to swing it!

Send a Low-Pressure Follow-Up

Send the shortest follow-up email you can about something you previously pitched them. Don’t overthink it. Set a timer if you have to. Just get in there, refrain from using industry or corporate jargon, and send the message.

Don’t overthink it!

Put Some Paper Away

We all have too many notebooks, scratch paper, sticky notes, and memo pads everywhere. Set a timer for 10 min and type them up in the app you use to consolidate your brilliant, spur-of-the-moment ideas. Toss the papers in the recycle bin and you’re done!

Those are my 5 tips for you overachievers, today! Remember to take care of yourself. The entrepreneurial journey is long but worth it. Let me know if you found these helpful!