Rochelle’s “Done For You” Services

Are you growing weary of dealing with tech glitches?

Overwhelmed with mundane, repetitive, behind-the-scenes administrative tasks while your social media pages go silent and outdated?

Are you feeling bogged down by distractions that are keeping you from scaling your business?

Stop trapping yourself behind the scenes of your business!

Hand it off and let someone more tech-savvy and experienced do the work in half the time!

My job is to take the things your plate that suck up your time and energy that should go toward serving your mission. 

What kind of help do you need?

Back End Customer Service Automation

Setting up email automations, triggers, and  tags to take some of the manual work out and ensuring that new clients get all the information they need up front

Helping you systematize your onboarding process so it can be replicated, improved, outsourced, or re-assigned as your business' team grows

Social Media Content Production & Management

Re-purposing video & audio content so it can be re-used on social media and in weekly email newsletters

Transcription of video & audio content to improve SEO searchability and increase traffic to blogs on your website

Cutting out audio/video snippets to share highlights of your best work on social media

Raw Video Editing & Repurposing

Branding your videos to make them pretty and professional

Adding logos, overlays, captions, intros/outtros so it's not just you talking to the camera for 10 minutes straight (although there's nothing wrong with that!)

If you're local to northern California, we can even meet up and film some B-roll together! Let's add a little spice and flavor to those videos!

Are you in?