Rochelle’s Project Management and Virtual Assistant Services - Rochelle Sanchez

Ready for a project manager?

Are you growing weary of dealing with tech glitches?

(You swear you’re cursed or something because nothing ever works the way it's supposed to?)

Overwhelmed with mundane, repetitive, behind-the-scenes administrative tasks?

(While your social media pages go silent and outdated...)

Want to SCALE your business?

(You know your stuff and have plenty of in-person/hourly clients, but there are only so many hours in a week!)

Maybe you're bogged down by distractions that keep you away from growing and thriving as a thought leader...

(And you need a partner-in-crime to keep you accountable and pick up the slack where you're definitely outside your zone of genius!)

Stop trapping yourself behind the scenes of your business!

(Hand it off and let someone more tech-savvy and experienced do the work in half the time!)

Heads up: My rates are not low budget. (I recommend Upwork if you need quick, affordable help).

To see my done-for-you rates, click here.

Hi, I'm Rochelle!

(The really handy tech strategist and project manager you probably needed about 2 years ago, if we're both gonna be honest about it)

  • A multi-passionate and multi-talented, creative problem-solver with excellent in-person and electronic communication.
  • Experienced in small scale online marketing for life, health, and relationship coaches, speakers, teachers, and thought leaders.\
  • Authentic, real, faith-filled/woo, big (HUGE!) fan of mindset work, nerdy/geeky, and only slightly Disney obsessed (read: very Disney obsessed and will try my best to rope you into having a “business meeting” at Disneyland someday. Just a heads up.)

So... what can we work on, together?

Let me count the ways...

Online marketing is universal!

Project management quotes are customized to your specific needs at this stage of your business development. Here are some examples!

If you’re a coach who’s got a busy speaking or workshop schedule, we could:

  • Establish a marketing & content production plan so that your followers and emails subscribers know where to find you and register in advance to work with you (you’ll be ahead of schedule, and responsible for simply showing up or talking about what you’re up to on social media)
  • Document an back-end administrative system for your existing VA team so that you don’t have to spend every day asking each person how their work is going (you’ll get notifications through your streamlined new process)
  • Create a digital product together (using your professional, proven teaching experience and my everything else) so you can make more income without adding more hours to your workweek
  • … and more!

If you’re a travel agent who’s tied up in administrative stuff and losing time to support your clients who are on trips, we could:

  • Design an onboarding system that keeps track of prospects who ask for a quote, so you know which high-level leads are worth responding to and which ones should get a copied-and-pasted canned response with educational resources to help them clarify their request
  • Build a project management system so that you can hire team members to create itineraries, invoice clients, and oversee insurance and reservation confirmations for you
  • Systematize your onboarding process so it can be replicated, improved, outsourced, or re-assigned as your team grows
  • … and more!

If you’re a done-for-you service provider and up to your eyeballs, working too many hands-on hours, we could:

  • Create a marketing plan to launch a passive income product so you can help more people without actually putting in MORE work hours
  • Find you an affordable VA who can take the mundane, administrative tasks off your plate and leave more room for your creative work
  • Set up email automations, triggers, and tags to take some of the manual work out, ensuring that new clients get all the information they need up front
  • ... and more!

Got something else in mind that you want to launch?

On our discovery call, I promise to squeal and be just as excited as you are about it. Let's have a chat!


Rochelle is the magical VA Unicorn that every entrepreneur dreams of having on their team but isn't quite sure that they exist --she exists!! She is a genius at marketing strategy, content creation, all things techy, and offers so much value to any team. She's so skilled, knowledgeable, can wear many hats, and works fast! When she was working on my content I felt PEACE knowing that she had it handled. Rochelle is definitely a gem in this space and I would consider working with her now before she gets too busy. She's amazing!

Amanda Rivera


Ready to get started?

Software, Platforms, & Apps

The following are the apps and software I’m experienced in (whether for my own business or for clients’ projects). Keep in mind that if your platform isn’t listed here, I'm very savvy and great at figuring things out. If you don’t mind a couple weeks for a “tech fairy” to learn the ropes for you, we can still work together! 

Microsoft Office

Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign)

G Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Mail)

Canva, Picmonkey

MeetEdgar, SocialBee, Buffer, Hootsuite, Postplanner


Kajabi, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Mighty Networks, Shopify 

Convertkit, Active Campaign

Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

PC and Mac proficient

80 wpm typing speed

Typical Deliverables

The types and amount of deliverables each week will vary based on your contract and custom quote.

Here are some typical deliverables that I work on with many of my clients:

Documented SOPs (with your branding, on your Google Drive servers) outlining your back-end processes so that all future contractors and employees understand how things work

Graphic Design: Branded slides, Instagram templates, business cards, postcard & flyer designs

Bi-weekly calls via Google Hangouts or Zoom and unlimited access to me via email and Voxer for the duration of our contract, for those scary moments when you’re freaking out and need someone to reassure you it’s coming together (it really is, I promise! Scaling is scary, that’s all!)

An Asana (or software of your choice) project set up so that you can task your team and stay on schedule with future launches and ongoing client processes

All of your branding, calendar links, agendas, client notes stored in an easy-to-access, central location (typically Asana + Google Docs, since those platforms can be accessed anywhere… and we’re trying to move AWAY from everything living in your brain and on your harddrive, right?)

Video walkthroughs of your software for the SOPs that are a little tricky to understand in written form so that you spend less time training your new team members on low-level administrative tasks

Hands-on orientations and training sessions with your new VA (if applicable)

Ready to outsource the stuff you honestly don't like doing, anyway?

(I thought so!)