Rochelle’s Projects: Updated April 1, 2022

March 4, 2022

Rochelle's Projects. Rochelle is holding a mug that says "Trust the process"

Hi, friends! This is where I'll be keeping track (fingers crossed) of the projects I'm working on that have been shared publicly. My hope is that if I ever cross your mind and you wonder, "I wonder how Rochelle ended up liking X," then this page will be the best place to check.

It's also a bit of an accountability strategy for me, because I know too well how easy it is to share that I'm working on something and conveniently never bring it up again because I got distracted and started something else.

Let's have fewer unfinished/abandoned projects this year, shall we?


I joined the March cohort of the #Ship30for30 course, which is described as, "An immersive course teaching you the fundamentals of writing online... A community of like-minded thinkers." 

I'm hoping this process will help me settle into more of a groove as I continue working on this thought leadership platform and getting my ideas out there. The framework and ideas are already in my head, and I have a pretty badass Branding packet for my business. I figured being in a group of people who are in production mode and expressing themselves in a structured way might be helpful for me.

Update April 1, 2022

I... uh. You know that feeling where you have strong opinions but you also don't want to put strong opinions out there because it's really just your own internal dialogue, and you kinda want to play it safe and not risk offending anyone? That's how I feel right now.

#40WorksofArt for the Just F*ing Ship It! Challenge 

I'm also part of a Telegram community of women makers (@women_make_), and they're hosting their annual Just F*ing Ship It! challenge. As described on the website:

The concept is simple: 30 days to build and launch something. Can be anything. It doesn't have to be a tech product. Can be with code or without code. The only requirement is to work on a project during these 30 days.

My self-assigned challenge is to create #40worksofart during the month of March. Knowing that I tend to work in sprints, the artwork won't be a completely daily thing. I used to put a lot of time into my artistic hobbies and I'm hoping that this challenge will help me reignite that interest again.

Update on March 31, 2022

Well, I sorta completed it. Here's the page on @women_make_ where all of our projects are listed.

Master Self-Esteem Course on Insight Timer

The last few months have been a struggle for me, mental health-wise. Guided meditation seems to be working well for me this time around. I will be finishing this 10-day course on Insight Timer all about mastering self-esteem. 

To be honest it's a liiiittle weird and not 100% my style (I actually feel like the instructors sound a little drunk/tipsy to a California valley girl "fast talker" like me, and it's distracting sometimes) but I figure it's also a practice in not being a judgmental control freak. And the content is pretty good, too.


I finished it. It was not very memorable for me, probably because it wasn't what I needed right now in my personal development journey. That is not a criticism of the audio program, which I think would be great for someone who really needs that kind of content. But the feeling of completion is nice!

The Science of Your Calling - Course on Insight Timer

This is a 30-day course on Insight Timer intended to help you discover your calling. I've been doing a lot of thinking and self observation and realized I feel differently about what it means to be an entrepreneur now, compared to when I had freshly started and taken those exciting leaps of faith back in 2016. My hope is that this course will help me gain insight on where my path is leading me now, with all the data and experience that I've gained over the last several years.


Abandoned. I hit a roadblock when I got to the meditation where I was supposed to feel my body's way of signaling something to me. I literally felt nothing, and that's not a criticism on the teacher's method. I have always had trouble "listening to my body." I think it's related to how I need my workouts to be really hard core and high impact, because I literally can't feel it otherwise. Also, 30 days is a long time to listen to a stranger on the internet who I don't know. Chalk it up to my desire to be deep, best friends with anyone who's not a stranger!

Inspired Leadership Course on Coursera

This is taking me a loooong time to get through. I'm currently going through a course called Inspired Leadership that's run by the leadership team at Case Western Reserve University, where I would one day like get my Foundations in Coaching certificate. Unfortunately, they haven't pivoted to a 100% virtual model despite the pandemic, so this will have to suffice for now until they either make their certification available virtually or the COVID-19 situation progresses enough that I feel comfortable getting on a plane to attend in person. I'm also working my way through the book published by the staff members, called Helping People Change.

Update as of April 1, 2020: I haven't revisited this, although I plan to!

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