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Setting Gentle, Achievable Goals to Match Your BandwidthIn this episode, Rochelle discusses the importance of setting gentle, achievable goals that align with your current capacity, emphasizing the need to avoid burnout and prioritize self-care while pursuing your business and personal goals. Struggling with setting goals that match your current capacity? Rochelle offers practical tips to help

Mastering Task Batching: The Key to Business EfficiencyDiscover how batching can revolutionize your approach to business management, making your workflow more efficient and giving you back the precious time you need to focus on growth and innovation. Learn the ins and outs of managing social media, finances, and networking in a way that sets you

Show NotesIn this episode, Rochelle delves into the frustration many business owners feel with social media algorithms, offering a fresh perspective on approaching business growth despite these challenges. Key Takeaways:Understand that while algorithms can be frustrating, there are strategies to overcome them and boost your business.Consider reframing your mindset and financial expectations to focus on strategic

Show NotesIn this episode, Rochelle opens up about her personal journey as an entrepreneur and discusses her plans for a creative business pivot. Listeners grappling with the frustrations of a secretive business landscape will find solace in Rochelle’s candid sharing of her experiences.The Pivot Email mentioned in the episodeSubscribe to my email list to keep

Navigating the challenges of selling in an oversaturated industry, Rochelle provides insightful strategies to help solopreneurs stand out.This episode focuses on being authentic and also understanding the unique struggles of your target customers. By moving away from common industry practices and focusing on what makes your business unique, you can create your own niche that

Show NotesRochelle guides entrepreneurs through 10 essential strategies to prioritize rest and sidestep burnout in this insightful episode. If you’re grappling with the pressure to keep going without a break, these practical tips are your pathway to sustainable success. Key Takeaways:Self-Employed? Grant Yourself a Break: As your own boss, take charge of your schedule. Declare a

Exploring alternatives to traditional goal setting can be a game-changer for solopreneurs and empaths. If you’ve ever felt that SMART goals don’t quite align with your personal values or emotional needs, this episode will introduce you to flexible and empathetic approaches that might just transform how you manage your business. From timing tasks to tracking