Request a Consultation

One-time Consultation: $475.00 USD

What's included:

  • 1 hour of private, 1:1 time with Rochelle to discuss, brainstorm, and create a strategy to solve the biggest problem you're having in your business
  • Follow-up summary notes and audio recording sent to you via email after the call. Rochelle will also send you any additional information that she recommended during your consultation call, if applicable.
  • One week (7 days) of email access to Rochelle to ask additional follow-up questions, request critiques/feedback of new materials created or edited as a result of our call.
  • An optional follow-up 30-min call to close up our work together.

Add-on calls may be requested for an additional fee if you would like to speak further.

How it works:

  • Fill out the application below. Include as much detail as possible. Applying for a consultation is free. Hint: It's good practice to write in your own word processor first, and then copy and paste into the form. This lowers the risk of sharing you story and losing your work if the internet glitches up or something. Thanks, technology! 
  • A team member will get back to you via email to confirm that we've received your request. We may ask you for additional information if something on your application needs to be clarified.
  • If your specific situation is something Rochelle can help with, you'll receive an email with instructions to e-sign your contract and make your payment. 
  • We will be in touch via email to get you started!

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