REPLAY: Get Out there: Starting Your Authentic Content Strategy

Hey everyone! This is a replay of the workshop: “Get Out There: Starting Your Authentic Content Strategy”

It will be available to the public until Monday, July 30th, and then after that it'll be happily living in the exclusive training library for The Real Deal Business Academy.

Sorry about the video previews covering the right side of the screen! Thanks, Zoom Meetings. 🙂 Next time I'll leave room for it!

Topics covered:

  1. How to stop stressing yourself out over catching up creating content
  2. Why your message isn't landing on social media, and why they're scrolling by and not engaging with you
  3. A hands-on exercise to help you create social media content that is relatable and resonates with your ideal client

Join us in The Real Deal Business Academy! Apply Now. 

Join us in The Real Deal Business Academy! Apply Now.