No more fluffy promises and salesy hype.

Let’s get you some sales. 

Look, let me get real with you, from the get-go:

You can spend the next 6 months googling.

And collecting freebies in that secret folder of "things you'll never catch up on."

And signing up for more webinars you know, deep down, you're not going to attend. 

You're passionate about what you do.

You've invested.

You've bought courses.

You have heart.

You're posting in every Facebook group but every launch gets CRICKETS.

You're not sure what you're doing wrong, but you know that a business should be MAKING money, not draining it out of your bank account. 

Something's gotta give.

What you really crave is the opportunity to do what you're damn good at:

Coaching. Teaching. Creating.

Helping people help themselves.

Being a catalyst for true transformation. 

Changing lives!

Are you ready to STOP waiting, reflecting, and replenishing, and thinking?

You’ve spent enough time going “back to the drawing board” and wasting your time with marketing tactics that don’t work and feel icky.

Your dream clients are waiting.


This is where you can ask every single one of your 585 questions and get real answers to apply to your own business plan.

This is where you're allowed to raise or lower your prices without someone jumping to conclusions about your money mindset.

This is where NO story, share, idea, or question is off-limits or inappropriate.

And yes, you can use fucking use those curse words here if you want, godammit.

(We're not made of cotton candy. We can take it.)

It’s time for a CHANGE. 

“Going it alone” is what got you into this position in the first place.

Before your next launch, join the RDBA and get the support of peer entrepreneurs  who:

  • Think differently than you (and will nudge you out of your comfort zone)
  • Have skills that complement yours (that open up the doors to collaborations, galore)
  • Will embrace you as the go-to specialist in your niche (and will recommend you like a raving fan, because they know you on a personal level)

You’ll be able to see the gaps in your business and marketing plan more clearly,  and take actionable steps so that your next launch doesn’t flop. 

Put down the outdated library book and let’s do some real marketing that gets you PAID!

Your Membership Includes:

  • check
    Access to Private Community with feedback, video reviews, and personalized strategy directly from Rochelle & peer members
  • check
    Networking & Teaching Opportunities
  • check
    Access to Video Learning Library
  • check
    Access to All Group Call Recordings
  • check
    Affiliate Opportunity after 60 days (earn 25% of referred members' monthly dues)
  • check
    Discounted pricing on 1:1 Strategy Calls with Rochelle
  • check
    LIVE Monthly Group Call (and access to all replays)

Starting at $50/month!

What some nice people say about working with me...

"I spent way too many days sorting through a bunch of options, procrastinating my way into utter frustration. 

Rochelle made what looked like a huge mountain to climb (figuring out how to reach my ideal client through a sales funnel) and broke it down into manageable steps so I wasn't so lost and confused.

I'm ready to just put myself out there more and enjoy what I'm doing without all the sales/marketing pressures. PHEW!"

Amy Ambrozich

Step Family Coach

"Working with Rochelle has been SO HELPFUL! There is so much noise out there about what you need and everyone is trying to sell you something.

Rochelle helped me get clear about what I really needed to focus on and let the rest go.

So happy to have found her!

Kellie Dale

Transformation & Mindset Coach

I'd like you to know...

(a personal note from Rochelle)

I see every single RDBA member as my personal client. Once you’re under my wing (no matter what membership tier you sign up for), our mission in working together is to help you make MONEY. If you're not signing clients and making sales, that's a major red flag that we have work to do (and I'm ready to do it! Are you?).  

You never have to feel embarrassed that you’re asking silly, stupid, or too many questions. I welcome them all.

You can request feedback, homework, and strategic advice from me via our private Facebook group if you’re a RDBA member, and enjoy access to over 100+ training videos in your learning library.

You’ll get a personalized marketing roadmap with action steps, critiques, and encouragement during our monthly 1:1 call if you’re a RDVIP member.

You’ll breathe a sigh relief of knowing it’s set up, done right, and ready to launch, with my Done-For-You hourly services that are included if you’re a RDVIP+ member.

So, honestly? You have a choice to make.


Play small. Have a hobby instead of a business.

Feel the shame and self-doubt that naturally comes when you waste your money and make a few too many bad decisions and investments.

Be the parent (aunt, sibling, manager, etc.) that  your adult children are embarrassed to talk about.


Decide that giving up is not an option, and take action.

Fulfill your soul’s purpose by doing what you love with peace of mind, and

Achieve "self employed" status and bask in the emotional and financial stability that comes with running a business you actually enjoy.

It's your choice.

Let’s work together.

Join the RDBA and let me help you get noticed as gifted expert you already are.

The Real Value of this program:

  1. Month-to-month mentorship with me and a group of other brilliant and talented ladies ($300 value)
  2. One (1) 30-minute Private Intensive with Rochelle every quarter, to streamline, simplify, and troubleshoot your marketing strategy ($200+ value)
  3. Two (2) LIVE, group calls per month get actionable feedback and implementation steps  ($500+ value)
  4. Access to our library of Tech & Marketing Video Training, for when you just can't move forward until you understand what you're doing (One-time $500 value, available to all memberships)
  5. An active, private Facebook group to ask your questions, post for feedback, or celebrate your wins! ($200 value)
  6. A platform to teach and practice being the leader & influencer you know you want to be (and get raving referrals, too!) ($97 value)
  7. Guest speakers & peer experts to help you get UNSTUCK and level up (to make more income... duh!) ($97 value)

Almost $2,000 in value!


Can't I just get this support from you via your free group or in the free webinars?

If you're in my free Facebook group: I love ya, but honestly? Free groups are for finding new friends and hanging out (and procrastinating, sometimes!). And be honest - do you really need to attend MORE webinars? In this program, we focus on getting you CLIENTS. 

Why do I have to apply? 

I consider every RDBA member my personal client. Because we'll be working together on an almost daily basis to get your business launched and running smoothly, I want to make sure we're a good fit for one another. Also -- a high achieving, high productivity mastermind isn't for everyone, so it's a good idea to make sure we're all on the same page before you invest your hard-earned dollars in a group program. 

How long is the contract?

This is an ongoing, month-to-month or annual mastermind program. A 90 day commitment is recommended but not required. You can cancel your membership anytime 72 hours prior to your billing date. 

I have a network marketing business, will this program work for me?

This mastermind is best suited for service-based businesses, so if you sell a product that you don't believe can change someone's life, then it may not be a good fit for you. That being said -- many successful networking marketing salespeople found their success by selling products alongside some kind of coaching service. And RDBA is awesome for coaches!

I'm a photographer, event planner, brick-and-mortar business. Will this program work for me?

Marketing is universal, but its applications depend on the person and the target audience, not the niche. People want to feel supported and understood. If you care about the people you serve through your service, I can help you connect with them in ways that will feel good. Let's keep you focused on outreach and visibility methods that feel GOOD, so that social media marketing is something you want to do instead of something you have to do. 

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