I'm honored that you're interested in working with me! I love giving feedback, asking deep questions and helping solopreneurs like you get clear on what you want and what it will take to get it.

I'm currently re-working my offers. In the meantime, I'm only offering one-time virtual consults and digital products which are currently available on my Ko-Fi page.

Want to Pick My Brain?


If you're sure it's my brain you want to pick and you're ready to pay for a consult with me, here's the link to do that! There are 30-min and 60-min options available.


If you're new to my world (or vice versa) and you want to be extra sure that I can give you the kind of feedback you need prior to making your payment, you can fill out the interest form here without making a payment in advance.

Be sure to clarify what kind of feedback you want and what would make the consult call most valuable for you. I'll read through it and let you know if I think I can help you (and I'll be honest if I don't! I don't want either of us to waste our time or energy if it's not a good fit). 

Contract signing and call scheduling will follow.

I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to getting input and finding mentors as a small business owner and I'm honored that you'd consider me. Looking forward to hearing from you!

~ Rochelle (she/her)

Rochelle is an asian woman in her 40s wearing big thin rimmed glasses and a short with DIsney's mushu on it. She's smiling warmly at the camera and the background is a busy wall full of knick knacks and artwork.