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Description and Show NotesA heart-to-heart solo episode with Rochelle about balancing work, family, and personal fulfillment. Listen as Rochelle reflects on recent trips, redefines her business model, and introduces the concept of ‘batching’ for better productivity. This episode includes some considerations about creating a membership service, and Rochelle’s suggestions on infusing fun and creativity into

Description and Show NotesJoin Rochelle in this deep-dive episode where she navigates her personal journey creative fulfillment. This introspective journey might just leave you asking, “Who am I trying to impress?” Key Takeaways:The entrepreneur’s journey often involves navigating tricky decisions and evaluating investments. Rochelle shares her experiences with over-investment and lessons learned.Discontentment can be the catalyst

Are you having trouble deciding what to outsource first? As a solopreneur, you wear a lot of hats. And making the jump from “I can do it all myself, because I sorta have to” to “I’m ready to give myself some help!” is a big one.  I don’t like to assume anything about anyone, but I’ll

Have you ever found yourself questioning the ethics behind hiring virtual assistants at incredibly low rates? In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the ethical concerns around paying virtual assistants low rates and explore alternative perspectives on outsourcing.  Let’s talk about:the ethics of hiring help internationally at such low hourly rates.budgeting for your general admin

Table of Contents The Importance of Streamlining Your Newsletter Content Creation ProcessGoal-Setting and Planning for Streamlined Newsletter Content CreationNewsletter Content Ideas for SolopreneursAction Step 1: Set a goal for how frequently you’ll you want to send your email blasts and exactly what kind of content needs to be included in each newsletter.Addressing Bottlenecks in Your

Show NotesAs entrepreneurs, we often rely on virtual assistants to help us with tasks that we don’t have time for or don’t have the expertise in. However, it’s important to recognize the value of the work they do and to pay them fairly. In this episode, we’ll be discussing some ethical practices for paying virtual

DescriptionIn this episode, I share some strategies and best practices for working with your first virtual assistant without feeling overwhelmed, including starting small before you invest a ton of money into a stranger, plus different approaches to choosing what tasks to start with. My advice for being in this tricky situation is always to take

DescriptionA step-by-step approach on how to repurpose long-form blog content (or transcripts of audio/video content) into shorter, more engaging pieces for social media while still preserving the original message and mission. You will learn:How to repurpose long-form content into shorter formats for social media.How to stay organized so you can eventually outsource your Instagram contentHow