Overwhelmed with #ALLTHETHINGS in Your Business?

January 21, 2018

Slow days on social media are a good day to step back and reassess, especially if you feel overwhelmed by your never-ending list of things to do and set up before you can start to make money in your business.

Fridays are when most Facebook groups are dead and not very interactive — either the admin has (smartly!) chosen to take Fridays off, or members have already set off into the sunset of a fun-filled weekend of date nights, movie nights, girls nights, or if you’re me … paper shredding day, lol!

(Side note: If you haven’t invested in an updated paper shredder… do it. It’s so nice to have one that’s not from 20 years ago and sounds like it’s screaming at me.)

Every week, I re-group and take advantage of the lack of interaction and activity online. ​For me, it’s Fridays. For you, it might be a different day, depending on how your audience prefers to engage with you (and others like you).

I check in with clients to make sure they got what they needed from me, this week. I write my blogs and newsletters. And I check to make sure I’m approaching my business with a well-rounded approach.

That means:

Staying true to my purpose, and remember what it IS and ISN’T: I’m not here to single-handedly save every person on the planet (but with my expectations of myself, you might suspect as much). I’m not here to motivate people to do the work.

am here to teach people how easy it is to do what you love and get paid for it.

I’m here to teach you HOW. Not why.

You have to be motivated already, and I can show you what work to do, what you might be getting wrong, and how to fix it.

Before you make any assumptions about your failures, flops, and general state of OVERWHELM, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did I meet new people this week, that I’d love to work with, someday? (And what are their NAMES? Being on social media for an hour every day doesn’t count. Connect, one-to-one. Leave thoughtful comments, not gifs. Send a private message.)
  2. Did I show my appreciation for the people who admire me, follow me, like me, refer me, and subscribe to me? And how exactly did I do that?
  3. Did I put my offer out there? Who did I pitch to? (Write their names down! So you can follow up next week!)

Remember — it’s not about being perfect, week after week. The more you get to know people, the more evidence you’ll find that even the top-notch coaches and gurus out there are imperfect. We’re human. We get distracted. We get bombed with bad news.

But the more consistent you are with your business, the more it will seem like what it is — a business. One that makes money, one that you control and predict.

I definitely don’t nail it with a resounding YES to all of these questions every week. But they keep my feet on the ground and with the people I know will embrace my advice and apply it to their business, instead of tossing it into their digital “later” pile.

The answers to these questions are the components of your “Feel Good Funnel,” and the basis of the free training for this week (Check out the video here if you missed it).

Sending my love to all of you, that you’ll grow your business in a way that makes you love yourself and your mission even more.

So tell me: how do you avoid overwhelm?

What are your methods for keeping your emotions in check and your feet on the ground so you can run your business like a pro? Share your experience in a comment, below!

Keep going, yo. You’re onto something!


P.S. If you need help figuring out what will work for YOU (and where you might need to make some changes) — I love answering questions in our FREE Facebook Community! Come on in, if you’re not already there!

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