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Description and Show NotesSo you’re in the early stages of launching your business, doing your research, and crafting your business plan. It’s common to find a competitor who seems to have already mastered what you’re planning to do, and you can’t help but feel overwhelmed and disheartened. Maybe you begin to doubt whether pursuing your

Description and Show NotesLet’s connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram:, maybe some of these sound familiar:Self-Criticism Overload: You’ve been overly critical of yourself, especially in your business endeavors. It’s taking a toll on your confidence and motivation.Pressure to Conform: You feel the weight of traditional success narratives bearing down on you. You might think

Mind-mapping as a practice for being selfish as a solopreneurIn this engaging podcast episode, Rochelle encourages you to break free from societal norms and embrace your desires. She empowers you to practice the art of self-honesty, urging you to admit what you truly want in life. We introduce a creative exercise using mind mapping, a

Show NotesIn this final episode of the Summer Behind the Scenes series, Rochelle reflects on her experimental content creation approach. Contemplating the possibility of integrating behind-the-scenes updates into regular episodes upon her return in August, she shares personal projects like a children’s illustration course and her return to weightlifting. Rochelle opens up about how she

Show NotesLatest on the Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy podcast! Listen to how Rochelle uses AI as a brainstorming tool and refines generated content to align with her voice and style in this seventh installment of the Summer Behind The Scenes series. Plus a sneak peek of her new offer coming in August! Don’t miss this

Show NotesTrigger Warning: Pet sickness and death. Join Rochelle in this explicit and candid episode of Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy, as she reflects onthe impact of Supreme Court rulings, personal challenges, and a false alarm with her eldest cat. Also, some progress was made with Rochelle’s workbook and thoughts on her decision to have it

DescriptionCreating a Workbook and the Power of Beta ReadersIn this episode, I dive into the process of creating a workbook and the valuable role that beta readers play in its development. I discussed the importance of personal motivation, the authenticity of the process, and the power of validation. Remember, if you have knowledge to share,

Show NotesAnother personal update from Rochelle, sharing her experiences managing multiple projects and setting goals. Discover her progress with marketing workshops, evergreen social media posts, email list migration, and more. Tune in now to gain insights and inspiration for your own side hustle journey!Highlights:Rochelle’s ambitious list of projects and acknowledges the advice she would receive

Show NotesRochelle has found a new morning ritual that’s not only fulfilling her creative cravings but also serves as a fantastic warm-up for her entrepreneurial mind.She shares her strategy of beginning the day with a doodle, a simple act that jumpstarts her work mode and lays a strong foundation for her creativity.Diving deeper, Rochelle uncovers