Online Marketing for Tech-Challenged Entrepreneurs Who Need a Roadmap

August 12, 2017

​Okay, guys.

I’ll give it to you straight…

There is no roadmap on “how to business.” 

And if there is, then it probably requires an investment of only 3 easy payments of ten thousand dollars and is being offered by a dude in a cheesy blazer next to a car. Amirright?

And yet, despite these cheesy tactics and super fake “professional” profile pics… for every day I wake up, I love marketing MORE and more.

I mean that.

I don’t mean the sheisty people who spam you with emails and PMs on how to improve your SEO with their 7 step process (and all you have to do is block out two hours on Friday during work to hear their sob story and buy their thing within the next 20 minutes to grab 25 bonuses worth $2 million dollars).

Not at all, actually.

(And who else here is kinda fed up with webinars, too?)

What I mean is…

I love marketing myself, MY WAY.

And what I’m about to share with you may seem like crazy talk, but I hope you’ll take a moment to let it simmer and give yourself some grace to… well, calm the fuck down.

Here’s where I’m coming from:

I love the idea of personal branding and online businesses, and the fact that you can let your guard DOWN and make even more money than you made when you were trying to appear extremely professional and qualified.

No awkward posing next to a rented porsche required. (#burn)

I love that you don’t need ANY of the fancy words and tools and jargon that you’ve learned in the millions of freebies you’ve got saved in that “folder of freebies I’ll never really ever touch again but I’m hanging onto, anyway.”

I love how vulnerable, inexperienced, underqualified, and unworthy we ALL feel once we get to know each other — and the fact that it really doesn’t matter, because you can start with what you’ve got and go from there.

I love how easy it is to connect with REAL people behind the computer screen.

It really is easy.

Simply say something genuine, and you’ll touch them.

Say something helpful, and they’ll grow and benefit, even if it’s only in a small way.

Be a normal human being and ask them how they’re doing, and that will deliver GOBS more value than the sleazy “I teach people how to ____, PM me.”

​But here’s the truth:

My technical skill set and knack for moving in fast forward is handy, but it’s not what lights me up.

  • ​I can literally make a challenge in two days. Have it written, uploaded, designed, and ready to rock in 48 hours.
  • I can launch a 6 month mastermind in less than a month, feeling confident and excited about what’s coming.
  • I can set up a sales page in less than an hour, and have a week’s worth of promo posts pre-written in the next hour.

But a challenge, funnel, sequence, tutorial, academy, whatever, ALL OF IT — doesn’t mean a damn thing unless I keep the end goal in mind. So here it is —

My end goal is to give you RELIEF.

My intention is to make things easier for you, so you have LESS “work that feels like work” and MORE  “I can’t believe I get to concentrate on what I really WANT  to concentrate on.”

My mission is to show you (or at times, drag you kicking and screaming) down the “easy way” path so you stop spending SO much time trying to cover all your bases, learning ALL THE THINGS, and still not feeling deeply fulfilled.

My hope is that once you DO “calm the fuck down” you can then concentrate on what matters in your life.

Not money. Not time.

Your family.

Your sanity.

Your happiness.

Your deep desire to change someone’s life with YOUR skill set.

And you don’t need a 40-step guide to create the perfect webinar, or workshop, or eBook, or lead magnet to make it happen.

You guys. There is NO roadmap.

There’s just you, with all your no-makeup, sloppy sweat pants, cluttered pantry, carpet stains, nagging relatives, and what you feel CALLED to do, despite having an extremely normal and sometimes uninspiring life.

The connection you make with those people who buy into your mission to save the world with genuine health coaching,

or beautiful photography the captures authentic real life moments,

or by donating a portion of your profits to help end human trafficking,

or simply sending your child to college so that he’s equipped to change the world with HIS talent

… that is called “Marketing.”

Connect with authenticity. Acknowledge that your REAL mission in life is calling, and tell the world how you’re making it happen.

What’s your mission in life?

Comment below and let me know!


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  1. This is all so very true! The value you give just in your simple comments has been tremendously helpful to me! Believe me, going forward, I will be making time to work with you! Gotta get through this launch, which you have made happen with tips and the Convertkit team made happen with their LOBM masterclass and my status as unemployed with one in college and one there next year requires faith perseverance and constant effort! Blessings. I’m calm , but only by grace!

    1. I’m so excited for everything you’re doing and launching right now, Laura! I’m thankful that you popped into my life!!

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