Entrepreneurs: Get into politics. Use your privilege for ACTION.

September 24, 2020

People at a rally wearing masks and putting their fists up in the air, using their privilege and taking action

My name is Rochelle Sanchez and I'm a formerly "not into politics" person.

That was before 2020 happened, when I learned that there's actually no such thing as "I'm not into politics" when ALL of our lives, especially here in the United States, are affected by politics.

Whether we want it to or not, whether we're privileged or not, whether or not we're directly suffering or actually have it pretty good and don't see what the big deal is.

Business is political, because money is political.

It's not that I'm now into politics.

I still don't know who anyone is, what they've done, and who to trust and believe.

I'm not passionately blue vs. red.

I have a lot to learn and don't expect to learn it all.

I do know what I AM into.

I'm into voting, and honoring that everyone's vote is equally important, no matter how knowledgeable or "upstanding" we are. I'm glad my immigrant parents raised me to vote, because that's one less new thing to tackle this year.

I'm into helping people, near and far, in whatever way I can, and not hiding my attempts anymore. I'm into receiving feedback on how my work can have a bigger effect. I'm into showing up and giving leaders the help they need.

I'm into using my privilege for action instead of hiding behind it. I'm into actively participating in our CURRENT world and not an imaginary one that only exists on vision boards, meditations, visualizations and journal exercises.

This isn't a shift or a change for me. None of this is new.

This aligns with all of my values as a woman of color , an entrepreneur, an underappreciated former employee of corporations, small businesses, and non-profits, a woo-woo pagan Catholic, a leader, a teacher, and friend.

Please do your research, ask questions, and decide ahead of time how you'll be voting this year.

And then vote.

Visit www.VoteSaveAmerica.com for more resources.

If you're already registered and voting is a no-brainer for you, then visit www.VoteFwd.org to help bring more registered voters to the polls this November.

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