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Overwhelmed with content creation? 

If you’re a thought leader, speaker, coach, or author, you should be doing exactly that -- inspiring your followers and clients through your passionate message and making a DIRECT impact on their lives.

Hi there! It's Rochelle. I'm so glad you resonated with my guest appearance on the Next Generation Thought Leaders Masterclass!

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Overwhelmed with content creation?
Consider these IMPORTANT points:

FACT: You're better at marketing than you think

People who think they're great at sales, more often than not, are the exact people who are super salesy and slimy. You're not like them. That's good!

FACT: You need to give yourself a break.

Okay fine, for those of you who want to argue that if you were good at sales and marketing, you'd be swimming in cash by now.  Give yourself a break! If you focus on your Zone of Genius™* then you'll make things a hell of a lot easier for yourself.

FACT: You just need to get over yourself. Get it out of you, already.

Be okay with not being the best, most viral, latest and greatest sensation out there. Social media is not going away, and you (or someone you hire) are pretty much going to do this until you retire from your business. You're full of content. You're never going to run out of words to describe what you're passionate about. 

FACT: You get more done if you do less. Re-purpose that shit!

Get it transcribed (so Google can find it). Chop it up. Put it in an autoscheduler (or hire a VA to batch schedule each post). Keep it all in a "brain dump bucket" to refer to later, which, honestly, will probably never happen. Get that passion piece out of you and into written words.

FACT: Most of your social media time should be spent interacting instead of creating, anyway.

Be really aware of the kind of interaction you want, and whether you want one at all. Do you want them to reply? Do you want them to like? Do you want them to double tap? Tell them, and tell them why. And then develop that 1:1 relationship with those people who regularly do what you say. 


Don't trap yourself behind the scenes doing the everyday tasks (like content creation) that someone more tech-savvy and experienced can do in half the time. 

My job is to take the things your plate that suck up your time and energy that should go toward serving your mission.

Transcription Only + Highlights

$0.85 per audio or video minute

Your video will be transcribed in conversational language, meaning I will keep your spoken words, add periods and punctuation, and break up your paragraphs so that you can re-purpose your content into blog posts or social media posts. Repetitive, non-conversational words like "um," "uhhh," "like," and "you know," will be omitted were they are unnecessary.

I'll also go through your transcript and mark areas that, I see as key highlights that you should spotlight as you create your social media posts to promote the video or resulting blog post.

Minimum total per request: 30 Minutes (combination of shorter files is fine!)

Turnaround time: Typically 2 business days, but usually quicker than that.

The "Good to Go" Package

$250 fixed price

30 Days of Promotional social media content to push your traffic toward your videos (your best medium of communication!) from four, 10-15 minute video files.

I'll take four of your 10-15 minute videos or audio files and fully transcribe them as described in the transcription package above. 

For each of the four videos or audios, I'll also provide:

1 audio or video snippet of a highlighted (mp4 format)

2 graphics that match your branding (created inside your Canva account)

2 written posts that engage and promote the audio or video

2 written quotes pulled from the audio or video file

If your videos are longer than 10-15 minutes (for example, an hour long show or a 30 minute podcast) than we can customize this package to your needs!

There is so much noise out there about what you need and everyone is trying to sell you something. Rochelle helped me get clear about what I really needed to focus on and let the rest go.

KELLIE DALE //  Transformation & Mindset Coach

Rochelle is the person to go to if you want your online business “pulled all together.” She has a knack for making the tech stuff make sense and the marketing easy (and really effective).

KEISHA DIXON  // The Tapping Queen

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