My Dream Business Workbook

A Compassionate Self-Coaching Guide to Marketing, Systems, and Goal Setting for Solopreneurs

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If you’ve been struggling to better communicate what your business is really all about, you’re in the right place!

My Dream Business Workbook is a compassionate self-coaching guide designed to help you better communicate what your business or brand is all about, so that telling your story (and selling your stuff!) becomes a more natural and authentic process.
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So if you've decided to stay on this emotional entrepreneurship rollercoaster for the long haul...

Rochelle is a light skinned asian woman with her hair pulled back, wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.
 Hi! I’m Rochelle.

(We’re in this together! Also, gaahh why did we choose this ride on purpose!? #WhatWereWeThinking #OhYeahWeCare) 

I help build simple systems and establish batching habits so that you can outsource and scale your business (when you’re ready!).

I like to say that I’m here to help solopreneurs NOT give up. If you know, you know.
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This workbook contains a guided series of questions that will help you go semi-deep about why your business means so much to you. By following the same process I use in 1:1 consultations and with my long-term clients, you’ll get some clarity around exactly how your offer can help other people.

At the very least, you’ll figure out how to say what you do in new ways, so that you reach and connect with more of the perfect kind of people you love to work with.

(Yes please!)

Though the workbook is intended to be independently completed on your own, you also have the option of adding on a 1:1 call with me if you need a strategic brain to pick. 
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What you get

It's a print-ready, 53-page PDF file with written directions, reflection questions, and plenty of space to write/draw/doodle all of your creative ideas and think through your sticking points and roadblocks. The PDF will be delivered automatically once your payment is made.

Marketing, Systems, and Goal Setting for Solopreneurs

Facebook Group Promotion Marketing Strategy

Chapter Contents

  • My Real Mission: Discover the true essence of your mission. Dive deep into your core values, passions, and the impact you envision making in the world.
  • What Sets Me Apart From My Competition: Brainstorm ways to leverage your strengths and differentiate yourself in a competitive market.
  • My Current Sales Funnel: Evaluate your existing sales funnel, identify areas for improvement, and discover strategies to optimize your sales process and drive conversions.
  • Setting Up My Business for Recurring Sales: Develop a strategic plan for nurturing existing clients and fostering recurring sales opportunities.
  • Self-Compassionate Systems I Want to Implement: Explore self-compassionate practices, workflows, and routines that will support your growth as an entrepreneur.
  • My Opportunities to Level Up and Get Help Where I Need It Most: Identify opportunities for growth, collaboration, and mentorship in your business where you need them most.
  • My Next Action Steps and Goals: This final chapter will help you use what you’ve discovered and create a roadmap for success, outlining the steps needed to bring your dream business to fruition.
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Is this a course?

No, it’s a PDF file written and designed by me, Rochelle Sanchez. There are no media files, videos, or audio content. 

Can I use this for my course, clients, or book club?

No, Purchasing this workbook does not include “sharing” or commercial privileges. If you have friends, clients, or colleagues who would benefit from it, please have them purchase their own copy.  Feel free to contact me for a commercial license if you want to use it with your clients. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee. It’s a digital product, so once you buy it, it will automatically be sent to you and digital products can’t be “returned” like physical books can. I am a small, solopreneur business so I can’t offer the same guarantees as large corporations and book sellers. If, however, you’re working through it and end up really struggling with something, send me an email and I can either answer a quick question or offer a 1:1 private review session.