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Let's talk about the "Awkward Teenage Phase" of your online business.

And a better strategy for using Facebook Groups to attract more customers!


Hi there! It's Rochelle. I'm so glad you resonated with my episode on Liz Lockwood's Resilient + Inspired show!

Ahhh, the "Awkward Teenage Phase" of your business. 

Where you feel passionate, you know you’ve been called to serve in your unique, special way.

You see the opportunity.

You invest in the courses.

You follow the step-by-step directions and get yourself out there…

Aaaand.... nothin'.

Maybe a few sales here and there. Maybe a few new followers. Perhaps even a few raving fans who love the way you work and have benefited a ton from your free content.

But yeah. Nothin'.

You're my kind of people! I can help with that!

Hey, want some help attracting more clients using Facebook groups?

Could you use a hand in reviving your own group that has fizzled out or doesn't really feel worth it anymore?

 I’m running a beta test of my upcoming course, tentatively (and undramatically) called “Group Promotion Strategy.”

Want to beta test it with me? Schedule a call to chat with me about your TOP Facebook Group Struggles.

There is so much noise out there about what you need and everyone is trying to sell you something. Rochelle helped me get clear about what I really needed to focus on and let the rest go.

KELLIE DALE //  Transformation & Mindset Coach

Rochelle is the person to go to if you want your online business “pulled all together.” She has a knack for making the tech stuff make sense and the marketing easy (and really effective).

KEISHA DIXON  // The Tapping Queen

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