Special Needs Travel Podcast with Dina Farmer and Rochelle Sanchez

Thank you for listening to my episode of The Special Needs Podcast! 

rochelle and robert in line for dumbo ride at disneyland

Hi, I'm Rochelle! This is my brother Robert.

My brother was diagnosed with autism in the 80’s when no one knew what it was or what it meant. My brother Robert loves travel. In fact, he is often the inspiration for most of our trips because he’s constantly giving us recommendations for where we can go next. The boy is natural at manifesting!

If you have a loved one with special needs or you know someone who does, I recommend getting in touch with Dina ASAP so you can learn more about the options that are available to you as a family when you travel.

If you didn't know already, I looooove my brother. Let me know if you want to chat #specialneedssiblings anytime! 

Are you interested in becoming self-employed? Let’s work together! Everyone deserves to do what they love for a living, including people who love someone with special needs. Contact me for info on online marketing, business systems, outsourcing, and designing a vocation that you love.

Robert browsing at Barnes and Noble.

Rochelle and Robert wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.


I'm a caregiver for my brother via the North Bay Regional Center. My dad is my brother's guardian and gets funding through NBRC to hire me to take care of Robert. Ask around to see if something similar is available in your area!

rochelle robert at painting event in macy's

We attended a free painting event at Macy's hosted by the Fairfield Suisun City Visual Arts Association 

Who is this "Rochelle" chick anyway? Maybe this will resonate:

Wanna chat? OMG me too.

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