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Are You Ready To Build Your Biz So You Can Quit Your Day Job?

It’s time to ditch the information overload (and the excuses) and transform your side gig into your main money-maker.

Stop wasting your time…

...downloading tons of freebies and watching one webinar after another.

Learning is great and all (I highly recommend it) but all the free content in the world won’t help you build a successful business. It’s time for a fluff-free action plan and an accountability partner to help you finally move your business forward.

Building a profitable service-based business is a lot harder than the online course gurus would have you believe.

Too many coaches and service providers think that buying a few courses will teach them everything they need to know about making money online.

They buy into the idea that all they need to do is create an offer, post about it on social media a lot, and BAM! The clients (and the money) will start rolling in. 

Sounds easy, right? And then…

Information overload sets in. They get overwhelmed with all the things they need to do and don’t know where to start. 

The overwhelm turns to frustration and then doing nothing--or worse, buying another course to learn how to manage overwhelm sounds like a good idea.

Trust me, it won’t help.

The Last Thing You Need Is Another $2k Online Course.

The truth is, investing in another online course isn’t going to help you build your business. What you need is someone to help you prioritize and implement the tasks that will lead to profitability and call you out (in a loving way) when you don’t do what you said you would.

What if you...

  • Knew exactly what needed to be done and in what order to move your business forward each day?
  • Could create a fun and flexible marketing plan (specific to your goals) that you actually looked forward to implementing; one you could adjust when life gets in the way?
  • Had someone to help you navigate the tech and back end operational stuff that comes with running an online business?
  • Had the 1:1 support and accountability you need to stay on track and take consistent action toward your goals?
  • Were surrounded by a group of like-minded solopreneurs who are serious about growing profitable and sustainable online businesses?

Introducing Gentle Momentum: the strategy, tools, accountability, and community designed to help you succeed in the online biz world.

Gentle Momentum is so much more than a virtual mastermind and membership...

Most importantly, it’s a private group of ambitious and talented solopreneurs just like you. And here’s what you get when you join the squad:

  1. A private 60-minute 1:1 Intensive with Rochelle every other month to help you streamline your marketing strategy, stay on track, and troubleshoot any issues you run into as you implement. ($300+ value)
  2. Weekly live office hours and Q&A sessions to provide you with feedback on what’s working and what’s not, with actionable steps to move you forward. ($500+ value)
  3. Access to our extensive Tech & Marketing Video Training library ($600 value, unlocked after your second month of membership)
  4. Access to a private project management platform where you’ll be assigned weekly tasks with due dates to keep you moving forward ($200 value)
  5. Access to our private online group (NOT on Facebook!) - an active community where you can ask questions, request feedback, and celebrate your wins! ($200 value)

Join Gentle Momentum for less than the cost of yet another online course with ZERO support



$199.00 USD per month (autopay with Stripe)

Sliding scale available for BIWOC applicants: $97 to $199 per month

3-Month Membership

$499.00 USD per quarter ( autopay with Stripe)

Ready to stop wasting time on Google and get to work?

The Brains Behind Gentle Momentum

Hi, I’m Rochelle!

I’m a nerdy project manager and coach for overwhelmed, tech-challenged, service-based biz owners.

As a woman of color, I’m passionate about being an ally in an industry where there’s little representation for BIPOC.

I’m also fun, intuitive, crafty, and my friends tell me I’m brilliant (who am I to argue?) 

Gentle Momentum is a membership but I do things a little differently…

I serve each member as a 1:1 client. That means I do things like reach out and check on you if you’re quiet.

I give recorded, personalized video feedback when you ask questions instead of sending you to a podcast episode or blog post that you don't have time to study.

And I send little surprises in the mail! (My love language is Giving and Receiving Gifts!)

My high-touch approach means failure is not an option for you!

Wanna join me inside Gentle Momentum?


Rochelle is the person to go to if you want your online business “pulled all together.” She has a knack for making the tech stuff make sense and the marketing easy (and really effective).

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