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December 13, 2021

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Description and Show Notes

In what will hopefully be an annual practice from now on, I'll be taking a break from podcasting and the content production pipeline for the holidays. Next episode drops on January 10th.

Revisiting what it means to have compassion for yourself and for your future customers as you scale your side hustle.

What topics would you like to see covered from a compassionate point of view, in 2022? Let me know.

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Plus: An awkward book recommendation. 

And how to keep in touch during the break! 


What's up, everybody. Welcome to the compassionate side hustle strategy. My name is Rochelle Sanchez. I'm your typical host here. And this is actually a different kind of episode because I'm just doing an update about the state of all the things. So if this is the first time that you're listening to me, then this is probably not the greatest episode to start on.

Although I don't know, it's kind of me just raw and in my element here in talking to you, so I'll let you decide, but this is not the usual format. Okay. Again, welcome to the podcast. I actually need to update you all on some things that are happening. So I'm actually going to tell you, let's see, let me do what I'm supposed to do.

Cause you know how you, they say, tell them what you're going to tell them, then tell them, and then tell them what you told them. I'm going to do that because I'm going to be a good marketer today and a good business owner and a good host. So why don't I. Uh, update you on some of the things that are coming up.

Uh, first of all, there's going to be a little bit of a break until January. I am gifting myself some time off, uh, from thinking like a CEO and just going to, I'm going to be a high school student on my two week winter break, where I'm just going to play video games and take some time off and pretend I don't have any, uh, responsibilities even though.

You know, I still have to pay bills and all that stuff, but I'm in a good place where I can go ahead and do that. And I'm very thankful for that. So we're going to be taking a break, uh, also a little reminder on the point of this podcast and how you can get involved. You can help and benefit from it, possibly be on it.

Um, I got some notes on feedback. And if you have feedback, then you can send it to me. Uh, guesting, I would love to have you on the show if you're a fan of it. And if you've been downloading it every other week and listening to every episode, by the way, I see you, I don't know exactly who you are, but I see the numbers and I'm like, I got a solid following here.

Some people are like really listening. So thank you for being here and for listening every other week, every time there's a new episode. I really appreciate. I also have, uh, in my closing notes, suggested reading a book that I am obsessed with. Well, not really obsessed with, but like I just find it so comforting and it really matches up with the theme of this podcast.

So I have to give it a shout out. And then also where we can keep in touch because I am, I'm pretty much an extroverted introvert, which means I've been doing all of this. For this whole pandemic, like taking care of myself, being on my own and not, not needing to go and see people, but I am hitting my point, I guess two years is my breaking point.

So I would love to keep in touch with you and not make this one of those, like is going to go even further into her cave and, you know, trigger more mental health issues. So we're going to talk about that. All right. Let's talk about what we're going to talk about. So I am taking a break for winter here in the Northern hemisphere.

It's going to be a winter break. Uh, you can call it Christmas break or holiday break or whatever you'd like. Um, but the next episode, the next time that you're actually going to hear from me on this feed is going to be January 10th. I believe. So I'm going to give. Give it a few weeks just to let everything simmer and to finally just make some decisions.

Cause one of those things, you know how it is when you have your business and you're doing all the things and wearing all the hats and you know, even though you have a team and you're outsourcing things and you're getting help and you're taking those tiny baby steps where you can, sometimes it can all just get over with.

Actually I take that back. It always gets overwhelming. It doesn't sometimes get overwhelming. It just is. And so, uh, you know, even me in all of my hyper organization and planning ahead and strategizing even I can hit that point. So, uh, and I honestly, I really think that it's just a good idea to take a break.

It's kind of a bragging point. Not that I'm trying to brag to you, but I just love the idea of being like. Everyone on my team gets a break. This, this season, we're all signing off. Even if it's just me, you know, like, uh, I get to be 100% of the team I get to represent all of team Rochelle. And I have said that it's time to take a break and we can just relax.

So, um, I'm excited for what that's gonna look like next year, honestly, because I would love to actually have like team Rochelle and have. Part-time full-time employees working on all these things, but in the meantime, all it really means is that I'm giving myself a break and I'm telling my contractors that I'm not going to have any work for them for a few weeks, which is totally fine because they're contractors, you know, it's just the freelancing life.

So that's the break window. Uh, until January 10th and then we're going to dive back in with more strategic stuff. And I do notice that like, I have way more fun and I stay on schedule when I have people on the show, because I, I don't know. It's just one of those things where it's a lot easier for me to sit at my desk and make all of these assets and make all of the.

The blurbs and write all out all the descriptions and show notes and everything. If it's, if it's someone else which is dumb, I mean, it's not dumb. It's very kind of me to be thinking like that, but it's also, it also tells me that I need to really honor myself and my own wisdom so that I put just as much, if not more energy into the, you know, the episodes that are just me talking.

So I'm working on that. But I just wanted to let you know. So the idea of this podcast, it's called compassionate side hustle strategy. And I am aware that that's quite a mouthful. I'm not going to change the name or anything, but, um, the idea is that I'm really tired of everyone being like, go, go all in, go hard or go home, you know, hustle, hustle, make it happen.

You know, all that stuff. And it's like, I'm still trying to find my place in all of this, in this whole world of like capitalism and being productive and telling people that they actually need to take action while also not treading too far into like the, the places that I'm not qualified to talk about.

You know, because we, I know that all of us are aware or many of us are aware that we get less quote, unquote, productive. You know, in the national sense of the term, when we're struggling with our mental health and we're having a hard time and just like life things. And so I have found that when you're working on building a business and you're trying to create this thing, that means so much to you and that, you know, people need.

And you just can't figure out how to do it. And so you just burn yourself out. I'm trying to find my place in all of that, because I do think that it's important for us to all have some kind of income stream that isn't dependent on a corporate. Honestly, and I'm, I'm sure that you're aware of this either you or your family members or your loved ones have experienced some kind of layoff or whatever during the pandemic.

And you know, what we thought was secure and, um, almost guaranteed was it turns out that you can lose your job at any moment. And it also turns out that we're all working for people who have kind of sheisty ideals. So this still matters. But I do understand that I have sort of a niche inside all of this whole ecosystem of, uh self-employment and people building businesses.

And it's a little tough. I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna. And deny this, but it's a little tough because my niche is people who want to think about all the emotions and the personal wellbeing and the self care that goes into being self-employed, but not necessarily, but I feel like that's also universal across all, all the different kinds of businesses.

So. While this was a whole lot easier, like two or three years ago when I was just the tech person and the tech VA. And I was just like, here's how to do this 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Now I'm, I'm still. On the bandwagon about like, this is not about all the things and doing all the things and having all the things it's about finding your own balance and doing what works for you and being creative and letting that right.

Brain of yours make some of the decisions because literally everyone has a business now, you know, and I think that's great. I think that's wonderful that everyone started a business, you know, everyone, quote unquote right. I think it's great that everyone started a business during the pandemic, but I also think that there's, you know, there's gotta be some, some strategy behind it and it doesn't mean what is your strategy for hitting six figures?

I think it's a strategy for how to, can you benefit the most from your own business and all the hard work and all the hours that you're putting into it while also serving the people that you want to serve? Because. I guess I'm just saying that I don't really care for businesses that are like, I'm going to make money.

I need to sell the stuff, sell the things, buy my things, and then I'm going to make money. And then I'm going to seem really impressive. Cause some, some businesses really are like that. But if you're ready to talk about the deeper things and the bigger impact and what it means to, to stay on this roller coaster, that we're all on.

Then that's the stuff I care about. And that's what this podcast is about, because we need to be more compassionate with ourselves. Not be too hard on ourselves, not expect too much, but also keep our goals front and center. And remember that it's not just us in this. It's not just me trying to figure out how to do a podcast.

I mean, I figured it out already, but you know, it's not just me talking to you and saying, do this now and also this, and also this it's about finding your own balance and finding your own. It's like, I dunno. I say it's like, Where you're putting all these things together and it fits you and your personality and your, the impact that you want to make.

And it's okay if it doesn't, your canvas doesn't look like someone else's because as long as it ends up the way you want it, and it makes you feel the way that you want to feel, then, then you're good. So that's the, that's the idea that I'm going with this podcast, but I also want it to be helpful, not just me talking about feelings.

So we're going to be working on that. In the new year, talking about having compassion for yourself when things are getting a little too hard, especially if you have a certain sticking point, a certain area in your business that just isn't working, or maybe it is working and you hate it. And you just can't believe that this is what you signed up for.

Let's talk more about that, which brings me to, um, the next part, which is. Before I talk about you being a guest here. Uh, if you have feedback for me, I would love to hear it. Like, if there are certain things in this podcast that hit you a lot easier. I mean, like, they, they make sense to you. Then I would love to hear that because, uh, I'm experimenting a lot.

And I understand that if you're actually listening to all of the episodes, then you're probably like, She's still trying to find her, her voice. And I fully admit that. And I'm so grateful to you for being on this weird journey with me, because I'm figuring it out as I go just like everything else in being self-employed and freelancing and all that stuff.

Like we're just literally figuring it out, but we're having fun while we're doing it. And we're bringing people along. We're sharing the experience. All that good stuff. So not just like lock yourself in the cage, the cage to keep studying and the, in the school library so that you get the, you know, uh, highest score on your exam.

Sorry if I gave you a flashbacks to college on that one, but like, you know, actually creating something. Uh, if you have any feedback for me, if you have a specific topic, you would like me to, um, really dive deep. Or maybe I can find someone who's an expert on that topic and have them come on and talk about these, like nitty-gritty things behind the scenes and under the surface that you might be going through while you're building your email list or trying to figure out Instagram reels or wondering why no, one's seeing your events on Facebook.

Uh, let me know, by going to Rochelle sanchez.com/feedback, and there's a forum. And you can just let me know if you have specific feedback on a specific episode, or if you have a suggestion on something else that you would like me to talk about. And then of course, I want to see if you would like to be a guest on this podcast.

And by the way, if you've already been a guest, like you came on and we had an awesome conversation about your business and, uh, you know, all that, all the wonderful things that you're doing, but you also need help with a strategy then you're invited to. Okay. So if you would like to be a guest. This is what I'm looking for specifically for at least the few next few months, I'm looking for people who would like to have a strategy session with me.

So it's going to be like a mini one, right? Cause we can't solve all the problems in the world in half an hour in less than half an hour. But if you would like to have a mini strategy session with me, We can talk about something that is just not working in your business, and I can walk you through where you are now and then give you some potential, uh, stepping stones that you can take little baby steps, and then maybe we can clarify what the overall big picture is and what you're actually aiming yourself toward, because I find that just with me.

You know, being that person that people hire to build out this stuff, uh, and then also doing it for myself and the multiple businesses that I have experimented with. It can get confusing when you're like, how did I end up taking this, you know, buying this course for a thousand dollars on my PayPal credit about hashtags?

Like what even happened? I didn't, I never said on my vision board that I wanted to be doing this, and yet here I am. You know, I totally understand. And I want to help you out because it can get it's, it's truly a rabbit hole and not like, I know I really like rabbits. And so for me, a rabbit, a hole with rabbits would be wonderful.

But you know, in the, in the typical sense of the term, it really is a rabbit hole that you can go down and you can just get so lost and you can be like listening to the webinars and all the courses and all of the, all of the, um, What's that called clubhouse talks. And you're like, I'm so convinced that this is what I need to focus on.

And it turns out that it's totally not your jam. I would love to help you with. I'm good at that kind of stuff. And just like pointing it out and being like, maybe not. And I'm gently nudging you back on track. So if you would like to be a guest, uh, again, you can go to Rochelle sanchez.com/pod cast. And, um, it tells you a little bit about this podcast, but if you scroll down at the very bottom, you'll see, um, an area to apply, to have a strategy session with me.

What's nice about that is that like, you get to be the star of my podcast. Like you get to be that person that I'm making all of my audio grants for and graphics and stuff like that. So it'll also, it's just one of those things where I love to make this stuff for my guests. And, um, you'll have like a whole Google drive folder of assets that you can use and content that you can share.

And it's a whole transcript. It'll be fun. So if you even have a twinge of like, I would really like to talk to Rochelle and pick her brain and get this figured out, then please, um, please join me. Okay. And, uh, finally, two more things. So I have suggested reading and then how we can keep in touch until we're back on January 10th.

Uh, suggested reading. So I had the, there was this book that kept following me around. They have really. Uh, Instagram targeting Instagram ads targeting because I was like, I am totally the person that needs to read this book. Um, but it's called, let me double check. Okay. So the book itself is called the heart of business and I'm a little, I'm afraid of reading the subtitle to you because it's, it's a little scary.

It's like anyway, um, the heart of business. Leadership principles for the next era of capitalism, which is funny because it's almost like I'm telling you to read this book about capitalism and how to join the ranks. But this, I swear I would not be suggesting this book if I didn't honestly, uh, if I'm not, if I wasn't honestly enjoying reading it.

So it's called the heart of business. The author is Hubert Joly, H U B E R T J O L Y. And it's actually a very current. Honestly, like if you like my kind of tone and, um, you know, a little bit of analytical, but a whole lot of feeling it's actually really good. And the idea with this book is talking about, um, what, well, at least the part that I'm on and, and I've been highlighting so much in this book because it's, I gotta, to be honest, I'm probably not learning that much from it.

Again, this is not a very good review of the book, but honestly I'm probably not learning a lot, but I do feel like confirmed in it. I feel validated because I've been really rolling around in my own brain this year about how like, business is more than just having, you know, that five figure lunch and reaching that six figure income for the year and, and all those things.

I'm like, it's so much more complicated that, but we're so. We're just used to being sold to, you know, and instantly grabbing onto the numbers and the profit and all that stuff. And so this book has been really helpful for me because he's been talking about how like, profit is not the, the end all, all, and that we do need to think about, you know, other things and that, uh, here, let me just grab my highlights from my.

Here's a quote from it. We can choose to treat work as what I feel. It is an essential element of our humanity, a key to our search for meaning as individuals and a way to find fulfillment in our life. And I was like, are you serious? I didn't realize that there was like a white middle-aged man out there that felt this way.

But you know, here we are. Um, let's see what else it says. Here's another highlight. Wealth is evidently not the good we are. It is merely useful. It is merely useful and for the sake of something else, and that's a quote from Aristotle. Uh, and then here's when this is like where I literally am in the book considering profit as the sole purpose of businesses.

Wrong for four fundamental reasons. Profit is not a good measure of economic performance. That was number one. Number two. An exclusive focus on it is dangerous. Number three, this, uh, singular focus, antagonizes customers and employees. And number four, it is not good for the soul. I was like, are you serious?

There's like a book that actually says this stuff, all this, all these things that I've been, um, thinking to myself and like struggling over. So. Just trust me on this. And by the way, I didn't buy it right away. Like I got it through my library. And so if you want to check it out, you can, by all means, you can, you can go ahead and buy it.

But I like to use an app called overdrive and my local library is listed in it. And if yours is too, then you might be able to go and grab a copy of it and just like, read it on your, on your e-book. Without buying it. That's how I read a lot of things just to, just to try them out because they have a lot of books in my office and I don't necessarily need a copy, a physical copy of everything.

And I also don't like how, uh, you know, e-books tend to pile up too. So, but anyway, uh, try it out and I recommend it. It's called the heart of business, uh, by Hubert Joly. And, um, let me know what you think. Okay. And then finally, Closing up here. We're going to be again, I'm going to be off until you hear from me on this podcast feed on January 10th and, uh, in the meantime, so this is a little off topic, but if you want to keep in touch I'm on Instagram.

Instagram is like my platform of choice at the moment, even though I kind of have a love, hate relationship with it, because I'm like, I hate that I'm having people and telling people to go and spend time on a Facebook. Basically, but what are you going to do? And, uh, that's actually part of my strategy for my own business and sort of a behind the scenes decision that I'm making for next year, which is to diversify where I spend my time.

And, um, Instagram is one of those things. That's kind of like you're in the corner until I figured out what to do with you. But in the meantime, you're, I've been using it for good. Um, and so while I'm taking the spray. I've realized that I really miss just being an artist, like when I was younger, um, I was really into art, my, to my, uh, usual answer, you know, when you're a little kid and people ask you what, what your favorite, um, subjects are.

And I would always say, Uh, math and art and you know, of course I would get funny looks for that, but it's, it's true. I am at political and I am artistic. And so I've been really leaning back into, um, just like doing art and drawing and making random things. And so I actually have a secondary Instagram account.

My, my primary one is Rochelle Sanchez. So you can follow me there. Or if you want to see some of my art stuff, I'm kind of hoping that I can dive into it. And that can be my. My non-work project during this break. And, um, well, my art account is Rochelle sanchez.art. Okay. So same, same name, just.art. And, um, I'm going to be posting some of the things that I'm working on on that, on that account.

And then also I would really love to figure out how to live stream. Uh, live stream my art on Twitch. I've been watching a lot of people like on Twitch and just, uh, seeing, seeing them and getting inspired by them. And, uh, I use Twitch mostly just to like, watch my friends play video games because we don't have fancy, fancy setups and.

Yeah. So I've been using it a lot to just keep in touch with friends during the pandemic that I can't spend physical time with, but I've also learned that twitches, that kind of a cool place. That's kind of a cool community where you can watch all kinds of things. So I've been watching, you know, things from other people playing video games that I'm considering buying, uh, artists, people doing commissions.

I'm watching someone create a dinosaur skeleton out of chicken bones. It's just a lot of weird, quirky, fun things. So that's where I'm going to be spending my time. And, uh, also if you want to follow me there, same, same username, Rochelle Sanchez. And I'm just going to be doing all the art things and video games as usual.

Okay. So I think that, that's it. I think I covered everything that I want to tell you. Thank you again for listening and getting all the way to the end of this. I know that it's like, whatever it is that you're up to. I hope you give yourself a break. Not, not necessarily like a whole break, like a winter break, like Rochelle is because I'm extreme in everything I do.

But give yourself a break. If you have to take some time off. If you just need to give yourself a break in the, uh, just the idea of like, come on, give me a break, then do that. Like be the kind of boss that you wish that you could be working for because you are, you are the boss of your business. You're also the employee of your business.

You're also the front desk person of your business. You're also the marketing specialist of your business. So you have to be kind to yourself and understand that this is a whole lot of work, especially since. It's only you. Okay. So be kind to yourself, take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, have a great time during the holiday season, if you possibly can.

And if not, then figure out a way to like escape via a really good book or meditation, or just some way where you can put yourself first and enjoy your time with your. During this time of year. Okay. I will see you on January 10th. I appreciate you so much. I'm going to miss you honestly. Um, keep in touch, send me your feedback, let me know what you want to see and, uh, I'll see you in the new year.


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