Money blocks, Introverts, and Tour de France

July 9, 2016

Checking in! I've been up to a lot lately. Did I gain weight because of all of it? I dunno. Did I lose weight? I really have no idea. I threw away my scale a while ago so it doesn't matter. 🙂

What have you been up to? Hit me in the comments and gimme an update! I'd love to hear from you.

As for me, myself, personally (#DisneyReference!), I've spent the last few weeks not giving a crap about my weight (obviously), letting go of money blocks, freaking out over Tour de France, and tuning into my buried and neglected inner introvert.

Oh and wearing makeup again. Makeup is always a good idea. 🙂

Let’s get started.

joy & fireworks

Letting go of money blocks

You know that feeling when you’re about decide to do something that will make you unhappy?

Run away from it.


Especially when you’re trying to overcome the mental block that will either strengthen or weaken your winning streak and this ONE decision could be the breaking point.

I had a big wake up call on July 3rd when I went to buy my usual haul of fireworks for my family. Every year I’m that cousin who brings a santa claus bag (literally, I arrived at my aunt’s house and she said “Santa Claus!”) filled with a variety of fireworks. We watch the city’s fireworks show together (with glow necklaces, this year!) and then play around with a thrilling post-show of safe-and-sane hand-lit fireworks, sponsored by me. 🙂

I had a mini struggle buying what I want to buy versus following the sad, low, scarcity mindset that whispered, “Maybe don't buy what you want after all. Maybe it would be better to lay low this year. Maybe you don't deserve it. Maybe you haven’t worked hard enough to spend this money on yourself and your family.” I must have flipped that fireworks flyer over and over about ten times before whipping out my debit card and going with my gut.

Needless to say, I spent a good $160+ and we had an awesome time in the aftershow. And I set a future goal of going all out with $300+ in fireworks and possibly doing a multi-night firework shabang. Wouldn’t that be awesome??

And yes, it was totally worth it.

The point of paid time off, national holidays and awkward family get-togethers is to ENJOY yourself. There’s always this surge of happy energy when the potential to have a JOYFUL day reaches epic proportions. This typically happens when our favorite team wins (whichever one it may be), on weddings days, during long-awaited family vacations (with the family you love, not the one you’re obligated to pretend to love being around), and of course — on national holidays.

Keep this in mind the next time you get an opportunity to really enjoy yourself.
And hint: it’s not only during the special occasions named above. If you spend more time listing your setbacks, stressors, and lack of something, then it’s time to re-group and admit what you really want your life to feel like. Because hiding away in your house because you’re afraid of germs and judgement is not why God put you here.

The next time you want to enjoy yourself?

Enjoy yourself.

Ignore the snippy comments.

Dismiss the instagram tags.

Tell the devil to go fuck himself with his constant reminders that you’re barely making, have no time, and need more money.

Buy the shoes. Eat the cake and barbeque.

And yes, you CAN pull off those sunglasses. Wear them with confidence!

If you need me, you can find me on the couch watching Tour de France and furiously texting my introvert friends as Froome attacks and Quintana misses it (holy shit, right?).

If you’ve ever wanted to try being a cycling fan, now’s a great time to start. Grab a cowbell, put on a bike-related t-shirt and join me on twitter.

If you want spend your money, then just spend it. As my “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” daily calendar says — money is energy. You have to let it go to allow more to flow back to you.

Let go! Have fun! I believe in you!


Coming up on the blog:

  • Embracing my buried, overlooked introvert, and a recommendation for those of you who struggle with shyness, creativity, and a lack of direction in how to express it. (Spoiler Alert: it’s Jennifer Gabiola)
  • Rebellious Faith: How skipping church gives me more faith and hope.

When’s the last time you had some GENUINE FUN on purpose? Comment below and share with me. I’d love to hear from you!

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