How an Introvert Gets a New Job

August 2, 2016


Remember how last week I told you I had some stuff to share about being an introvert?

The truth is: I like being home. I've been embarrassed of that and avoided admitting it because I grew up with the idea that the whole point of being an adult is to get a long-term job, benefits, and work in a corporate setting for 40 hours a week and enjoy my paid vacation time.

Well, I guess I'm just not wired that way.

Like I said — I like being home. I like hanging out with my autistic brother who can't talk. I like watching TV and cuddling my cats and doing arts and crafts with the same TiVo movies playing in a loop. I'm pretty close to having Ant Man memorized, ya'll.

I like being home. I don't like being around people that I HAVE to be around.

I started embracing that (even more than usual) and BAM. I ended up quitting my current job and getting offered a new job that will be mostly remotely done from home.

BAM! Me and the kitties and no annoying coworkers chatting away and being nose-y about my personal business?! WHAT!

Yea, I gave up the fitness coaching. That was tough. And I'm still kinda having withdrawals over it (btw if you missed my last newsletter announcing the “shut down” you can check it out here)

But it turns out that that doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. And by “giving up” something I didn’t feel super-hella-inspired-awesome-sauce about (anymore), I made room in my life for something new.

And BAM. I got contacted by a new recruitment company (different from the one where I’m currently assigned) that asked if I’d be interested in a full time position doing work very similar to what I do now. I told them I would only be interested if their client was willing to let me telecommute.

They said in the four years they’ve been working together, the client has never hired anyone remotely, but they’d try.

And yea, I got what I wanted!

I love it when that happens!

They're hiring me to do the same type of work, work from home, for more than 50% more than what I make now. While working 40 hours for someone else from my home office isn't the DREAM-dream I'm working toward, it sure is close. And I'll take it. My current job was starting to make me kinda miserable anyway, so it was time for a change.

And to top it off, I've had three phone calls and several email conversations with even more possible leads that could get me to that “permanently working from home in my yoga pants covered in cat fur” state of being that I'm craving. Nice, right?

So this week’s uplift for you is this: Know what you want, be okay with wanting what you want, and ask for it. You’ll get it eventually.

I knew I wanted to work from home, I asked for it, and I got it.

I’ll give you more details next week. I start the new job on the 9th. 😉

Your turn!

What do you want? Are you openly willing to admit you want it? Are you ready to ask for it?

Hit me in the comments, yo. I miss you. Let’s catch up.



Rochelle Sanchez


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