This Zine Is For You If...

  • You need to wrangle all your swirling ideas, dreams, and “maybe somedays” into an actionable plan
  • You feel stuck between the idealized-internet-search-results of entrepreneurship and the reality of where to actually begin
  • You struggle with going in circles when it comes to commitment and need something to keep you accountable to the most important next best steps
  • You are a fan of reflection and personal growth as part of the foundation of your business (but you want some pragmatic, “get this done” direction, too)
  • What's Inside

    • Business Plan Basics: Learn about the importance of a business plan and why it’s important to have (and keep it updated) versus winging it or depending too heavily on a carefully crafted elevator pitch.
    • Personal Mission and Vision Exercises: Exercises that help you articulate your personal mission, the core why behind your business, and where you see it going, encouraging you to think deeply about your motivations and the impact you want to make in the long run.
    • Product and Service Clarification: Guidance on defining what you sell, to whom, and how it benefits your target market, including your intended prices for your offerings and sales throughout the year, taking into account busy and off seasons.
    • Market Research & Competitor Analysis: Prompts for identifying your competition (even if you’re sure no one does things like you do) and understanding your unique position within the market, plus insights on leveraging this knowledge to fine-tune your business approach.
    • Personal Reflection on Strengths and Weaknesses: A framework for assessing your personal strengths and weaknesses as they relate to running your business. (Because yes, you’re GREAT. But you can get in your own way sometimes, right? Let’s plan for that!)
    digital collage of business zine cover and a few inside page previews with digital handwriting doodles that say 26 pages of actionable real life advice, no fluff, built in exercises with room to write, relatable storytelling & doodle illustrations, easy to implement aka not overwhelming

    Ready to get started?

    What is a zine?

    It’s pronounced “zeen” as in the last symbol of the word, “magazine.” If you’re new to the zine world, they can be traced back as far as the Harlem Renaissance. Zines are often used as an independent printing and publishing format and you’ll find them woven into the work of activists who “share knowledge or experience with people in marginalized or otherwise less-empowered communities.” 

    Rochelle, a filipina woman with long black hair, has her head in her hands and is smiling really big like she's excited

    Hi! I'm Rochelle.

    I'm an artist, podcaster, business consultant, and huge geek when it comes to small business and marketing.

    My hope is that it will help make starting or scaling a business a little less intimidating and more accessible to marginalized folks who don’t have access to higher priced mentorships or training programs.

    There are lots of pieces to juggle when you’re a solopreneur, and having a business plan is a good way to get them organized and working cohesively so you don’t stress yourself out so much.

    I designed this zine to meet you where you are.

    It offers the guidance, encouragement, and practical tools you need to organize, document, and then actually take the next steps in your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

    If you work through the steps in this Business Plan Zine and you’ll walk away with a comprehensive business plan that not only serves as a solid foundation for your venture but also becomes an invaluable tool for mentorship discussions, networking opportunities, funding pitches, and grant applications.

    Sure, this business plan zine helps you create a business plan. But also takes the process a step further:

    It helps you dig deeper so you can infuse your personal touch into every aspect of launching and growing your small business. 

    Business plans are usually dry, corporate, and filled with the same kinds of words that make you want to gag when your soul-sucking day job supervisor asks you to recite them (don’t ask me how I know that).

    As a business founder, you’re here to make a difference and disrupt the status quo (or else you’d be content in your ladder climbing and not diving into this self-employed rabbit hole, right?)

    My process for creating a business plan makes sure that what you create matches what your life is really like, right now.

    No “shark tank” expectations of seeking funding from billionaires (although you can, if you want to!) or fussy elevator pitch statements required.

    It’s you and your big heart, putting all of your awesome ideas on paper, so that you can take the next best steps on your entrepreneurial journey.

    What to expect:

    Clarity and direction

    This process will help you get the big dreams and plans out of your head and into the real world. You’ll know what you’ve got to work with and what your next steps should be. You’ll have a document to reference during your quarterly and annual review sessions, whether you’re working with a team, a coach, or by yourself.

    A confidence boost

    The structured, supportive prompts in this zine will help you see just how achievable your goals really are. You don’t have to worry about feeling a wave of embarrassment next time someone asks you about your business (if that’s something that concerns you, anyway)

    Personal validation

    There’s nothing quite as validating as seeing your ideas, action steps, intentions, and financial planning laid out in front of you as a reminder that your side hustle is NOT a fantasy; it’s a viable project that REALLY can work if you implement it! 

    An easier way to get feedback

    It’s a lot easier to seek input from mentors, peers, and potential investors* when you something to physically show them. Not to mention, the information you add to your business plan will be essential for applying for grants and loans. *NOTE: The zine helps you create a business plan as an external document. Don’t try to hand this zine to your financial advisors or investors, please!

    A sense of community

    By engaging with the material in this zine and sharing your journey with others who are doing the same, you'll feel a part of a community of like-minded individuals who are all working toward bringing their dreams to fruition. You may even take a nose-dive into the awesome world of zine collecting, too!

    One last thing...

    Just in case you don't have any family or close friends to cheer you on...

    I am excited for you. 

    I'm glad you've taken some scary steps toward being a small business owner.

    In today's economic climate (not to mention the social pressure to stay in your box and do the corporate thing), that is a BIG deal.

    Whether or not this zine stuff is for you, I am happy for you.

    Keep going.

    ~ Rochelle