Happily Affiliated!

I'm pretty picky about the affiliate programs I join, because a lot of the big ones don't align with my values.

Maybe I'm just keeping myself stuck by being really stubborn about it (after all, Jeff Bezos doesn't NOT get richer when I refuse to sling Amazon products, and the Convertkit founders definitely didn't give a sh*t when I spoke up about their unfair policy changes to their partner program, buuuut)...

For now, I'm sticking to promoting products and services I really do stand by and/or personally use.

Here they are! 

Note: This should be fairly obvious, but just in case! This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Women Of Color Podcasters

This is an online community run by Danielle Desir Corbett, who I admire in a whole lot of ways. The community is described as being all about equipping Women of Color audio creators with the skillsets, resources, and tools needed to bring their ideas to life and accomplish their audacious podcasting goals.

With a reasonable annual membership rate and a virtual forum where I can consistently expect to get a response, I highly recommend it. Use my link to join (and thank you for supporting my work!)


I've tried all kinds of co-working, from different kinds of memberships to free co-working via Twitch. They all have their perks, but Caveday is the only one that's kept my attention (and attendance!) for longer than my usual "I'll just try 'em out" period. It's well organized and there are lots of folks who participate (Like some days there are three pages of video cameras and avatars in Zoom), and they keep me from getting carpal tunnel and messing up my back by sitting and working too long.

I admit I wish I had come up with the idea and I was the one behind it, but alas. I will have to just enjoy being a member and invite others to join me! Use my link to join with a monthly, quarterly, or annual discount (and thank you for supporting me!)