Group Rules

Re-Build & Re-Launch with Business Architect Rochelle Sanchez


UPDATED FEB 20, 2018


Hey guys! Facebook groups are not what they used to be.

And let’s be honest, the whole “slap my value-filled post and move on” isn’t getting you sales and it’s bringing down the quality of the groups you used to know and love.

What used to be a happy mish-mash of micro, culture-rich pods has turned into one looooong series of dark alleys where we slap our flyer on the wall and keep on walkin', thinking that will lead to sales.

Slap, slap, slap.

(Followed by, “boo hoo, nobody bought from me, I'm a sham and a fraud!”)

... which isn't true!

It gives me flashbacks of when I taught Beginning Hip Hop Dance for Adults and my outreach consisted of Starbucks flyers and business cards left in random public restrooms.

(SPOILER ALERT: It didn't work.)

So let's change it up, shall we?

Here’s some truth for you:

Copied-and-pasted value posts in multiple groups aren’t what gets you sales.

(And if I may say so -- some of you are not very good at your value posts. It’s... just not working, honey.)

What DOES get you sales is genuine human-to-human interaction.

That means:
being vulnerable,
admitting you’re human,
making mistakes,
fessing up,
asking questions,
sharing openly,
focusing on what you do REALLY well,
and talking to your prospects privately.

And let’s be real, here -- you don’t really enjoy checking in twice a week to a group that has the same value posts as the other groups and ZERO interaction anyway, right?

It doesn’t suit you.

You have skills that should be getting used, and promoting in dead end groups isn’t helping your cause.

(... remember your cause?)

You know -- helping people, changing lives, keeping married couples together, helping strong women lose weight and feel confident, freeing up time to spend with your newborn, giving corporate workers the opportunity to quit their 9-to-5 for good?

Yea, that. 

I want you to learn something and start making money and getting clients so that you can turn around and serve in a way that suits you really well.

Let me teach you something, and you can implement and help each other, and that’ll help you make more progress than visiting 5 groups every Monday and pasting your “Value Post Number 13B” in.



The purpose of this group is to help you with re-building & re-launching something related to your business that will lead to CLIENTS.

We have a monthly theme.  January was sales funnels.  February is email lists. 

I’ve got a plan for the next 6 months, so hang on, ya’ll.


  • check
    All posts must be related to the current monthly theme.
  • check
    All “value posts” that are not related to helping people ____ (build their funnel, grow their email list, etc.) will be DELETED. I may require approval before any posts are posted to the wall, if needed.
  • check
    Suggestions of resources related to the monthly theme are welcome, as long as you state how it has personally helped you and what result you or your clients got from it.
  • check
    Off-topic promos will be allowed on Mondays in the promo thread, only. (Let’s be honest -- they don’t work, but I know transition is hard sometimes so I’ll give ya that if you can’t stop, cold turkey)
  • check
    Monthly theme related questions are encouraged, anytime, for growing your own business.

For example:

You’re welcome to still boast about your stellar copywriting skills, but ya gotta be open for feedback.

Something like, “Hey guys, I just wrote a bomb ass sales funnel for someone else, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get people on MY list. This is what I’m good at and what I came up with: ___, what do you think?”

That will do more for your business than your generic “I’m an excellent copywriter with 7 degrees and also, these random statistics show that you need me or you’ll die in the next 12 weeks” post that I’ve already seen you post in 3 other groups.

Stop, okay?

If you like posting random "value" that no one really cares about, then there are hundreds of other groups to do so.

Please don’t do it here.

If you have a question that’s not related to the monthly theme, you have two choices:

  1. Keep it to yourself, or
  2. Work with me for $50 and get unlimited in-yo-face feedback on all of your millions of questions and you get me all up in your business and rooting for you like no other business architect out there. (I’m not nearly as mean as this post may suggest, I promise -- I like helping people who want help 😉 )
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