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Lesson 1

How to BE YOURSELF in Online Marketing: Getting Started, Lesson 1, and what you're going to finally let go of. 

Lesson 2

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How to BE YOURSELF in Your Online Marketing, LESSON 2:

Put your foot down, set some boundaries, and take ENJOYABLE action!

Did you know you're allowed to do things your own way, without spending hours on research beforehand?

It's true. It'll move you forward faster and it'll feel way LESS STRESSFUL than wanting to know:

... the best practices
... the top options
... the proper etiquette

and all the other stuff you just WON'T know until you go through, try it, and realize that what worked for other people just doesn't work for you.

(Better yet -- you'll bypass all the marketing options you THINK you have to take but you can actually skip, based on your personal preferences!)

"... so WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, Rochelle? Give me examples."

(see how well I know you?)



Instead of allocating 30 minutes daily for the next 5 days to reading all the Google articles comparing and contrasting Infusionsoft, Convertkit, Ontraport, and Mailerlite?

Just sign up for one of them. Probably Mailerlite, because everyone loves "Free." Then START WRITING those damn emails.

No one will know what a great health coach, life coach, tech consultant, or copywriter you are if you don't have a list to sign up for. They don't care what system you use. Just use one and put yourself out there. Switching is EASY because every email provider WANTS you to switch to them, so they tend to help you through the process.

Takeaway: Stop spending so much time researching and preparing. The money comes in when you put yourself out there, and #spoileralert you never really feel like you have everything together.


(How about something LESS TECHNICAL?)

Another example is that I don't take calls. I just don't. I ask for coffee chats when I'm ready, and I stay quiet when I wanna be left alone. If someone says "Do you have a couple minutes to chat" (this happens often -- must be a sales technique I'm unaware of) then I IGNORE it, because whatever you think will take you 2 minutes to say to me will take 45 seconds to write out (and actually will take you about 20 minutes to say to me).

Putting my foot down on this stuff saves me a lot of peer pressure and eye rolling, because ... I just hate phone calls. And talking to people I don't wanna talk to.

(Note: That's not to say I never get on calls -- yes, you need to get on calls to make sales online. But there's a difference between getting on calls with people you WANT to work with and are genuinely excited to talk to, and being ordered to get on a call with a person who's borderline bullying you. Make sense?)

Takeaway: You're allowed to put your foot down.


See how that works?

Do what you WANT to do.

Don't let technology or salesy extroverts get in your way. You've got people to help and you're allowed to help them using the communication methods that come most naturally to you.

What's something in your online marketing that you can PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN and just DO it?

Lesson 3

It's easy and passive to say, "Yes, I'm genuine, I'm putting myself out there, and I'm showing how relatable I am!"

Here are 3 Ways to Check if You're REALLY Being Yourself in Your Social Media:

1. Your avatar is YOU. Not you in a costume. Not you with sunglasses covering up the most recognizable features on your face. Not your logo.

WHY: You can read up on this if you want. There are studies on it. There's something menacing and threatening about a person or animal whose face can't be seen. You see it in movies -- Stormtroopers with masks on. Bane in The Dark Knight. Next time you watch a movie, notice how the bad guys always have some kind of disfigurement or mask on, covering their face. This is ESPECIALLY true for side character bad guys. Having a covered face makes them less human and makes it easier to kill them. You know any movie character is probably going to get killed off pretty quick if their face is covered.

WHAT TO DO: Don't ignore the psychology and storytelling of it, guys. And psychology and storytelling matter a LOT in online sales. Just use your smiling face. Show you’re a good guy and you’re here for the full journey that your clients are going through, and you’re not getting killed off anytime soon.

2. You're perfectly okay with your spouse, loved ones, teenagers, parents, EVERYONE seeing what you post online.

WHY: I struggled with this one for a long time. I wanted to have my online persona separate my real life persona, and I was saying weird things (especially in my fitness coach days) that I would probably writhe in embarrassment if my dad ever saw them. In fact, I BLOCKED him from my Facebook page to make sure never saw my stuff. And yet all of my manifestation practices involved my dad being aware of and hyper involved in my business. No wonder my previous ventures never took of, huh? Major disconnect there.

WHAT TO DO: Ask a best friend (who’s NOT in business or aware of the inner workings of online sales and entrepreneurship) if your email sounds like YOU or like another version of you. Ask your spouse if it sounds like you’re drinking the sales punch, or if they like how your messaging is a happy combination of personality AND professionalism.

3. You’re responding with REAL, compassionate, understanding, and relatable phrases.

WHY: Because it’s easy to tell who’s paying attention and who’s not by the quality of their responses. If you’re being really vague and commenting on Instagram or Facebook Groups with “Love this insight!” “I love that!” “So true.” “Love your take on this!” and “This is so good!” then bad news -- you’re starting to sound like a bot. This is MUCH WORSE if you’re responding in emojis only. When you do this in groups, it looks like you’re just trying to cover your bases and you’re going through your list with your fingers happily hitting Ctrl+V over and over. There’s no real evidence in your comments and responses that you actually READ the post. That’s not you. That’s you falling victim to the peer pressure of “You have to be EVERYWHERE to build your following” which is totally not true.

WHAT TO DO: I know leaving in-depth answers takes a lot of brain power, but it works. People recognize your honest, relatable input. They start to friend request you. They like your page. They join your group. And they start sharing your stuff with their friends. When you respond like a human who’s passion about your mission, people pick up on it and follow your lead.

Okay #truthtalk -- I don’t follow all of these guidelines all the time, either. But we all have room to grow!

Do you do all of the above? 1, 2, and 3?

Lesson 4

Embracing your past (and your triggers, and hang-ups, and BS-o-meter alarms) can help you be yourself in a more authentic way in your social media marketing.

Lesson 5

How to be yourself in your online marketing: Just SAY it. 

Lesson 6

I took the last 2 weeks off from "work" and I didn't like it. 🙂 Another lesson in embracing BEING YOURSELF and how it helps you pay attention to your personal life and your business efficiency.

What taking the weekends off has taught me, so far:

• It's a bummer, but Mondays feel like "work" again. Haven't felt that in a while.

• I have other interests! And there are other ways to be stretched outside your comfort zone, such as entering artwork into a State Fair competition

• I value being a role model, and I'm being an irresponsible leader by NOT taking enough time out for myself

• I'm full of excuses, like "I love what I do." I mean I do, but that's not all there is to me, and pretending I love marketing 24/7 is essentially LYING to my readers! Yikes!

• Efficiency in your marketing is SO important -- fitting 7 days of work into 5 days of work is possible, and forces me to admit that I'm wasting time on things that don't matter.

Taking the weekends off isn't for everyone. I'm blessed enough to have "too much time" so this is the limitation I have to put on myself to stay focused in my business.

You could be the opposite -- you have NO time during the week due to your family and job responsibilities, so the weekends are essential work time for you.

(I mean -- you're fitting 5 days of work into 2 days! Major need for efficiency right there).

Have you made a concentrated effort to be more efficient with where your time goes? Do you think it might help you increase your income without piling on even more "things" to do?

Lesson 7

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Go easy on yourself.

It's okay for things to be easy!

Stop making it so hard.

A couple years ago, my online presence was really different from what it is now -- I was on Linkedin looking for freelancing jobs to do CAD work.

I spent a few hours working on my profile and ended up with a private message from someone who was interested in hiring me.

I negotiated a work-from-home position at 50% more per hour than the day job I was working at the time.

Now, OBVIOUSLY, I'm not doing that kind of work anymore....

But the experience and knowledge I have about how Linkedin works and the power it has in helping you change your career hasn't gone to waste!

(And members of RDBA get to take advantage of these random nuggets of experience. I'm actually leading a strategy session about LinkedIn for VIP members tomorrow! Join us! )


I could spend my time talking about how a degree in architecture, doing graphic design for The Salvation Army, and several worthy stints as a rockstar administrative assistant in notable companies (including a ritzy construction firm in Napa -- yes, that Napa) didn't exactly streamline my path toward being a business owner.

But ya gotta give credit to your past!

Your personal experience. Your resourcefulness. Your leaps of faith and even those less-than-professional acts of bravery when you stood up for yourself and did what had to be done.

That's the stuff that sets you apart.

Showcase how YOU are able to juggle a family, a job, a mortgage, extracurricular activities, and church while still being the badass that you are.

Be yourself! Show that you're a human, here to help other humans. That's what sells. 🙂

We've spent 3 weeks talking all about how to BE YOURSELF in your social media marketing.

Tell me -- what have you learned?



Your website doesn't do your marketing for you.

You know this -- simply having a website doesn’t line people up to buy from you during your next launch. Unless you happen to have expertise as an SEO genius and you’ve optimized your site to bring in hundreds of ideal prospects every day, you’re still going to have to drive traffic to the website. So, keeping in that in mind...

Make the following two assumptions when it comes to your website:

That anyone who visits your site already has the problem you solve, and is looking for validation that you’re the right person for the job.

And that they are already tired of making decisions on their own! Don’t give them too many choices. Keep it simple!

These are people from Facebook groups, or people who watch your IG story, or people who listen to you on a podcast, or coaches who truly appreciate your particular freebie in that collaboration bundle.

So let’s make sure your website is ready to go when they visit. Sound good?


This is your one-shot opportunity to answer that question - “Is she the right person for me to hire?”

You want the answer to this question to be “Is she the right person for me to hire? ... yep! [click] [click] [click]”


“Is she the right person for me to hire?.... Well, she has two children and they went to Disneyland. And this dog’s cute. And she started this after two other businesses, and she loves her life, and she’s saying the same thing the other two life coaches said on their websites, so, oh yea what's for dinner, I should look up that recipe … [exit] ”

Make a statement across the top of your website: Be CLEAR.

Tell them how they benefit from working with you. Make sure the benefit is something a real person told you they need, word-for-word.


You know this already, but your email list is essential to the longevity of your online marketing plan. As long as you intend to use the internet to grow your business (aka -- you would rather not stand on a corner and hand out flyers to grow your audience) then you need to have an email list.

Put the opt-in on your home page, and again -- be clear on why it’s a no-brainer to sign up and download it.


This is one of the most important pages on your website -- but not because you lay it all out and tell them your life story. You can have a little bio at the bottom if you’d like, or you can even have a link to “Our Story” in the sidebar.

Use your About Page to further answer the question -- “Is she the right person for me to hire? Does she understand my struggle, or does she just to talk about herself all day?”

They’re making sure they relate to you, and that you’ll understand the struggle they’re going through.


In a perfect world, everything on your website will be pointing to ONE ideal way to work with you. If you can’t stand to only offer one service, narrow it down to two categories -- DIY and 1:1.

Remember -- we’re keeping things simple for your website visitors. Don’t let them get lost! Keep it so simple it’s almost too simple.

(Simple = no brainer = "Okay I get, sign me up!")


How does your current website affect...
Your marketing?
Your income?
Your FAMILY relationships?

Yep, you read that right. It affects your family (and community) relationships too.


Your website: To blog or NOT to blog?
Pros and cons!


If you do nothing to update your website this week, at least do this: Set up your Facebook Pixel!
(Yes, even if your website is outdated)


Websites aside... how INTENTIONAL are you being with your life and choices? 


If it feels like everything is falling apart -- don't worry. 

Encouragement for those of you who are overwhelmed and being mean to yourselves over what still needs to be done in your business.


On February 2nd I asked if any of you wanted feedback/critiques on your Email Freebie Pitch (you know, the thing you copy and paste every week into all your groups' promo threads... yea that). The videos below are my live run-throughs, helping you improve on your pitch so that you get more subscribers. I recommend watching both videos all the way through, to get the most out of this!

Part 1:

Part 2 (because the internet gods were not pleased with me, apparently)


My vulnerable post on February 16, in case you missed it:


Got questions? Have a specific scenario and you can't quite figure out what your funnel looks like? Ask me in the group!

Grab the step-by-step explanation and a PDF filled with tech and tools to take your funnel to the next level here:…

You already have a funnel. Let me show you:

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