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Kate Crocco

Confidence & Mindset Coach

GROUP: The Confident Ladies Club

Gwendolyn Gay

Influencer Marketing Coach & Video Strategist

GROUP: Become a Video Influencer with Gwendolyn Gay

Brittney Moffatt

Content Creator and Social Media Strategist

GROUP: Content Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs

Safia Sattaur

Content Creator and Social Media Strategist

GROUP: The Biz Junkie

Liz Lockwood

Business Coach & Mentor

GROUP: The Resilient & Inspired Entrepreneur

Jessi Honard & Marie Parks

Copywriters & Messaging Strategists

GROUP: The Thought Leaders Think Tank

Samantha Parker & Kathy Rasmussen

Co-Founders of Badassery Magazine

GROUP: We Are Badassery

Amanda Rivera & Tayo Rockson

Thought Leadership Coach & Diversity Inclusion / Public Speaking Coach

GROUP: Next Generation Thought Leaders

Taylor Manning

Intuitive Business Coach

GROUP: Ambitious Badass Entrepreneurs

Mollie Fagan

Real To Ideal Movement for (r)Evolutionary Leaders

GROUP: Real to Ideal Superstars

Barbara Iuliano

Business & Confidence Coach for New Coaches

GROUP: The Land of New Coaches

Rochelle Sanchez

Business Architect (and Coordinator/Editor of this Project)

GROUP: Re-Build & Re-Launch Community with Rochelle Sanchez