Find Your Unicorn Virtual Assistant

You’re just one copy-and-paste away from finding a long-term VA!

Want to save a few hours in your search for a great, qualified virtual assistant (VA) who's within your budget?

Grab the VA swipe file that I use for finding and hiring general administrative virtual assistants.

What's Included

My full job description in Google Docs format, ready to easily copy-and-paste into the hiring platform of your choice

Explainer notes outlining the purpose of each section and why I include it (because some parts are... a little unexpected!)

A list of places for finding your virtual assistant (including the one I prefer and use every time to get 20+ qualified VAs within my budget!)

The four interview questions I always ask my top three candidates to make sure we’re a good fit for each other

Rochelle, an asian woman in her late 30s, smiling at the camera. She's wearing a black tank top and there are photos and artwork behind her

Hi! I’m Rochelle.

As a former tech VA, I've helped lots of folks in the transformational industries: life coaches, therapists, authors, thought leaders — you name it!

I’ve experienced first-hand (from hiring and being hired!) that outsourcing can get complicated and expensive.

You can waste hours just trying to find people to interview, not to mention the hours of time and energy it takes to hire and re-hire until you find a good, long-term fit.

And I know that the struggle of scaling a business gets real personal, real fast when you factor in politics, accessibility, the struggles of marginalized communities, and well… ~ gestures everywhere, including at myself ~

That’s why I’m sharing this virtual assistant swipe file with you:

To save you some of the financial hardship and emotional frustration that could come with struggling to find your first, long-term, virtual assistant.

(And to help you get back to the real work you're here to do, dang it!)

This fill-in-the-blank swipe will save you HOURS in your search for a long-term VA!

Whenever I post this VA job description, it usually gets me at least 20+ applicants who are within my monthly or hourly budget, qualified, tech-savvy, proactive about the application process to work with me, and openly enthusiastic to help me with what I need.

Using this template cuts the hiring process down to one week, max and leads to me having a handful of interviews with potential VAs who are already aligned and on-board with my brand mission, personal values, and eager to be part of the movement I’m building.