Are Facebook Groups Are A Waste of Time Compared to Instagram?

September 2, 2018

Ever find yourself wondering if Facebook Groups are a waste of time?

I feel you on this one.

On a scale of “Life is great and inspiring” to “Let me dump all my gripes about life onto you,” Instagram is pretty damn perky and positive.

However, some could argue that it’s a little fake.

But eh, so is all of social media, right?

So here’s where I stand on that whole “IG is better than Facebook Groups” deal.

Facebook groups are easier from a prospecting perspective. 


Why? Because the whole point of any social media platform from a sales perspective is to connect and build relationships with people who would benefit from the transformational experience you offer.

That means two-way conversations. Deeper conversations, beyond the exchange of elevator pitches and the friendly “let me know if you know anyone” banter.

From people who aren't in a Instagram pod and required to leave a comment on your post in exchange for you leaving a comment on their post. (doh!)

On Instagram, you create relationships when you get to know people. Individual people.

And you comment.

One. By One.

And click on hashtags. And then comment.


… by one.

And you kinda hope that OTHER people will see your heartfelt, genuine comment on that ONE feed, and notice that you’ve left meaningful encouragement or feedback. 

(But you kinda know that they won't)

(… and you doubt the validity of “organic reach” getting boosted because of fake pod comments)

Not to mention the inner dialogue that happens when you FIND your ideal client on Instagram, wonder if it’s better to follow them, or maybe not, but you might offend them later if you unfollow, but maybe not…

And pretty soon you realize you’re not really following a strategy at all. (Yeeeek!)

So now you’ve just spent an hour scrolling.

Feeling hopeful.

Then feeling discouraged.

Then pulling yourself back up and saying “Well it works for SOMEONE, why not ME!”

(… when deep down you’re pretty sure you’re not going to get any clients from it.)

So. Let’s get you off the emotional rollercoaster and cut to the chase.

If you’d rather speak DIRECTLY with people who are:

  • ​open to getting input and coaching
  • actively learning new strategies for being happy and serving with purpose

Then yeah. You’re missing out if you aren’t keeping up with your Facebook Groups.


You have the opportunity to have REAL conversations with people who are already talking about the thing you can help with. These opportunities are being missed with every day you decide Facebook Groups are a waste of time.

I mean, in theory, you COULD do this on Instagram.

But we like Instagram for the photos and the happy, high vibe atmosphere, and inspiration for living your best life.

“But! But! Hashtags!!”

Unfortunately, hashtags don’t give you the option to search for people who need HELP with the thing you can help with! Hashtags are a good start, but in general it’s pretty rare for people to go to Instagram with an “Can anyone help me with xyz” type of post.

That’s where Facebook groups come in really handy!

Sure, Facebook (and groups) can be more negative than your Instagram feed.

That's because people are openly talking about how things in life are not going well. The exact things that YOU can help with.

That's the beauty (and cold, hard truth) of Facebook. We're more open — sometimes excessively — about things in life that are not going well.

And if you're someone who provides a transformational experience for your clients to help them be happier, healthier, and more informed about how to take charge of life instead of playing victim to it, you understand how much faster you can help people if they're ALREADY aware of their setbacks and willing to do the work to change.

You can cut to the chase with people and speak DIRECTLY to the folks who are already open to receiving help.

How to Save Time with Facebook Group Prospecting

Did you know you can search ALL of your groups for posts related to the very thing YOU help with?

While Instagram’s search limits you to usernames, hashtags, and places, you can search for ANYTHING in Facebook and see who’s talking about it and asking for help with it inside the closed groups you’re a member of.

Note: This method works best when you do it from a desktop version of Facebook. Not the mobile or app version.

  • Step 1: In Facebook, search for the word people tend to use when others tag you as the go-to-expert. For example, when I first got started with my business a couple years ago, I was the person who got tagged whenever someone who was “tech-challenged” needed some help.

  • Step 2: Filter your results in the left column so that you only see recent posts in the groups that you're a member of. That way, Facebook doesn't show you “everything on Facebook, everywhere” that mentions your searched word.

  • Step 3: Scroll through the results! Tweak your search, if necessary. Don't get frustrated if all you're bringing up is OTHER entrepreneurs who do the same thing you do. If that's the case, you're probably not looking up the right keyword.
    • For example, if you're a parenting coach, a search for “teenager” will probably bring up other coaches talking about working with teenagers. But if you think about what a parent would say, who's asking for help with their troubled teen, they probably speak in first person. A search for “my teenager” brings up search results for people who are talking about their own kids and likely asking for help or speaking about “kids in general.” See how that works?

Results will vary. (a.k.a. Ugh!)

Results will vary greatly, depending on the kinds of groups you're in! There's an art to finding great Facebook Groups. Learn all about the best marketing practices in my course, Facebook Group Promotion Strategy! 

Your turn!

If you’d like some help with finding clients in Facebook groups who are already asking for help with something inside your expertise, reply in a comment, below!

Share your Facebook page PLUS three words to describe the type of transformational experience you help your clients get.

I’ll give you a personalized tip on how I’d go about finding people who are asking for help in YOUR expertise.

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