Everyone Hates Email & Why That’s a GOOD Thing

February 10, 2017

Everyone Hates Email Now & Why That's a Good Thing Mail Chimp Convertkit

Ahhh, tis the season for pro-Facebook Groups and anti-Email List!

Maybe some of these look familiar to you:

  • OMG I hate email
  • I rarely read any of my emails, honestly
  • I unsubscribed from EVERYTHING this weekend
  • No one opens my emails except my mom
  • People aren’t even RECEIVING my emails and I’m paying for this!

Am I right?

Okay, I’ll level with you. Email is not for everyone.

And yet… check out ANY online guru/expert/celebrity in the online marketing space and they will praise THE LIST as the main money maker.

(and that’s what I’m assuming you need right now — a method to market your services and make money, right?)

Everyone Hates Email Now & Why That's a Good Thing Mail Chimp Convertkit

Today I’ll challenge you to look at it a different way and consider your ideal client:

Is she on Facebook all day, with nothing else to do? Probably not.
Is she extremely pessimistic, at the forefront of the “Nothing ever works I hate everyone” crowd? Again… I doubt it! You wouldn’t want a client like that.

Is she exhausted, working a day job, overworked, sick of her jackass boss, and appreciative of some encouragement during her break?

Yea, actually.

Is she buckling down, hard working, and thankful she signed up for your freebie that has ALREADY helped her a ton?


Is she happy to be on your list and hearing from you?

Most definitely.

See, the email list is not dead. It is exactly the comforting, educating, and encouraging love note that your ideal client already wants from you. (Or if you’re me — it’s occasionally just the rant or sarcastic release she needs)

All it takes is you being yourself, being honest, and helping YOUR people.

And you know what… writing to the your list is FUN.

I’d love to help you get your list started!

Next week the experts at Convertkit are running a 72 hour challenge to help you build your list to 100 people in 3 days if you register for the free challenge using this link (my affiliate link): http://mbsy.co/gPnLn

Here's how the 72-Hour Email Challenge Works:

  1. Once a day for three days you'll get an email from ConvertKit with specific instructions to grow your list.
  2. If you complete the challenge, you'll be entered to win a year's subscription to ConvertKit!
  3. You can participate in the challenge even if you don't have a business, blog, or website
  4. You won't be required to pay for anything! You'll get FREE access to ConvertKit for 30-days if you need it.

Yes, I’ll be participating along with you!

And because I’m your biz bestie I’m throwing in MORE bonuses:

  • If you complete the challenge and decide to stay with Convertkit, you’ll get access to my Super Besties mentorship for the month of March, when we’ll be diving deep into list building — Rochelle style. 😉
  • You’ll also get access to my “Turn your Facebook Group Challenge into Your First Opt-In” eCourse, that walks you through every step I took to create my current freebie — the 7-Step Simple Tech & Sales Workshop for Tech-Challenged Entrepreneurs.

(I know, the titles are long, but at least you know what they are, right?)

Use this link to qualify for these bonuses and let’s get you up and running!

Sign up for the FREE List Building Challenge Here: http://mbsy.co/gPnLn

I believe in you! You in?

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